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Nilfgaardian Deck Strategies

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    Originally posted by TriforceDragon View Post
    Having a lot of fun with a spy deck i have dubbed Letho's Twisted Mirror.

    The basic idea that inspired the deck was to Banish stuff with Letho and then steal the power back with Bekker's Twisted Mirror, but it evolved a bit.


    With a few more matches behind me I have made some changes to my deck list:

    John Calveit

    Bekker's Twisted Mirror
    Yennefer (Not conjurer) *possible placeholder until I get Menno Coehorn

    Joachim De Wett
    D. Bomb

    3x Engineers
    3x Emmisary
    3x Ambassador
    2x Impera Enforcers
    1x First Light
    1x D. Shackles
    2x Nilfgaard Knights

    Reasons for changing:

    The Emmisaries and De Wett were pulling Medics way too often even when I worked to avoid it. Now the Emmisaries let me thin my deck and then drag them all back to my side of the board with little risk.

    The Knights were added as heavy power for either buff + engineer (though I prefer turn 1 Celleach or Enforcers for that) or those final turns which i often struggled with due to low power outside of the combos.

    I cut an Enforcer as despite beeing powerful, especially with Cahir, they are dead drops once all hero abilities have been used. With Celleach there as well i usually have no problem pulling a hero ability buff card in my opening hand.

    Cutting a First Light might cause problems and I might go to 26 cards just to add it back.

    Considering cutting treason as between my hero ability and Cahir it rarely seems all that powerful. Might look into adding some specialized silver cards from the Nilfgaard list, like the guy who discards copies from deck to graveyard.

    Old thoughts:
    The idea here should be obvious. Play Spies, steal them back with hero ability, refresh hero ability with Cahri and repeat as necesary, buffing Enforcers and Celleach as you go.

    Og specific interactions is the use Decoy to replay a stolen Cantarella for card advantage, even better if you can steal it back all over again.

    But the bread and butter of the deck is the use of Bekker's Twisted Mirror in conjuction with Letho or just spies in general. With the spies floating around at 2 points of power they are usually the target when Bekker's Twisted Mirror gets played and with your hero ability or treason you can steal back the creature that gets targeted. In the best cases Letho has decimated a line of enemies before you do this.

    Problematic aspects right now is the Medics, who when pulled by the Emmisary's on round 1 do nothing.

    I am also considering popping in some Combat Engineers as the Ambasadors in conjuction with Enforcers tend to go high in power. Possibly I will drop a Medic and Emmisary for two Engineers.

    In general I strive to play Celleach or an Enforcer before any spies to limit problems with Emmisary and Ambasador.

    Not played to many matches with it yet, but the deck is fun to pilot and getting those massive swing turns with a well used Bekker Twisted Mirror steel feels great.

    Of general ideas for where to with the deck, outside Engineers, I want to add Coehorn for getting rid of any leftover spies, but I am not sure if it is needed. Keeping Yennefer might be better to get a gold 1 power creature for Twisted Mirror target. I am also considering fitting in Sweers for more easily pressuring enemy strategies and giving Medic's targets for round 1.
    Ambassadors + Engineers + Knights seems to be a staple of Nilf power. Couple Fogs + Geralt Ard, Triss Conj + Geralt Igni and you have an excellent deck. What I like about Nilf are the numerous ways to search through and speed up the deck draw. Stefan, Albrich, Cynthia and Voorhis as leader really increase chances of getting the right cards.. especially with a 25 deck count and Vezimir/Eskel/Lambert 1st round deploy to thin the deck to 22. Not to mention the 1 card per round redraw. Nilf gives you an EXTREMELY high chance for needed cards.
    I came, I saw, I went back to bed.


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      Any suggestions for a good (for low rank) 'budget' Emhyr deck? Right now I run this. Other useful silver are weather, d-bomb, decoy. All golds shown in the deck.
      I'm probably close to this in terms of "competitivity" - http://www.gwentdb.com/decks/12041-rank-15-emperors-eye
      Question then - will be a 2-str relevant if I substitude Auckes with Cleaver?
      Last edited by metalmaniac21; 22-02-17, 14:50.


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        MegaMogwei is playing all nilfgardian decks.. try to watch his videos on yourube


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          Someone has a good Emhyr s deck?