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[BUG] Tutorial bug

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  • [BUG] Tutorial bug

    I've just started playing the game and encountered bug in tutorial. At the second phase, where it asks/teaches you to pass, the expected outcome would be for enemy to win. But since I used the Balista and killed the 2hp bug via it's special ability, the enemy placed to cards and was short of 2 points. So they lost. But the tutorial continues as if they've won.
    So I've just won the game in the second round though it was expected that I'll go to the third.

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    Also, upon completing the tutorial there was an error while trying to award me with card keg (bad request) and I didn't get any.


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      Seems like all awards/progression (xp for winning a mp fight and such) are not awarded properl;y, but after I restarted a game it seems like they appeared in my profile.


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        It appears the only way for rewards/xp to register/update is to restart the game.


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          Are you on PC? If so, try verifying/repairing your game via GOG.
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            Originally posted by Sunsibar View Post
            Are you on PC? If so, try verifying/repairing your game via GOG.
            Yes, PC. Verified/repaired the game a bunch of times. The issue with rewards/xp is still there.

            However I wasn't able to reproduce the tutorial bug. I'm not sure how'd I get this result, though I have the screenshot to prove it (sadly it's in the second match, so I can't confirm my suspiciouns about the monster horde moves).