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TW3 General Feedback [SPOILERS]

This is a sticky topic.
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  • Good game definitely fantastic world, characters, quests and story. However I do feel the game is held back by lackluster gameplay. The combat was janky, lacked any polish, had bad mecahnics, is way too easy, has no depth and felt like awkward Arkham/Souls hybrid. Mistake something like Dragons Dogma combat would fit Witcher the best. Leveled quests also is horrible in an open world RPG makes the player feel restricted for no reason. No level scaling is a mistake because you become way to overpowered even on Death March. The skills tree was pretty useless and boring barely any difference between builds. Focus on polishing gameplay next time for Witcher 4 or Cyberpunk.
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    • In hindsight I think one of my biggest problems with the game's writing is that it often veers dangerously close to becoming shallow and 100% morally black and white, which sort of goes against everything that the franchise stands for.

      It's still nuanced for the most part, but I'm thinking particularly in regards to the witch hunters and wild hunt. To reflect back to one of my favorite minor quests in tw2, you have the option to choose to side with the racist xenophobic guards, or the poor persecuted elf woman. However it manages to subvert your expectations when the twist is that the guards had a perfectly good reason to suspect her - especially when she'll repeatedly try to have you killed in all scenarios of the quest. This helps you realize that things aren't always as clear as you might think, and there's flawed people on both sides.

      This however seems severely lacking in the witch hunters vs mages conflict. The witch hunters are always 100% unreasonable assholes, and the mages are always wrongfully persecuted. Now I'm not saying there can't be a faction that's generally "in the wrong", but it makes it awfully simple when there's hardly any depth or subversion going on. It would've been interesting if there had been a quest or two where either a mage was being hunted for actually having done serious wrong, or maybe giving some more sympathetic backstory to certain witch hunters and explain their fears and reasons other than "mages suck". Closest we get is one witch hunter dude who isn't a huge prick to Geralt.

      Also the wild hunt almost feel like Saturday morning cartoon villains when we aren't given any *real* backstory for their motivation. Which ties into my next point: Lack of mystique.

      imo TW1 and TW2's stories worked quite well for the most part since there was a vast web of hidden agendas, conspiracies and intertwining schemes with many twists and turns that don't become clear until the end. In TW3 it basically boils down to finding Ciri so she can give you the exposition about the wild hunt indeed being baddies who need to be stopped, which you then do. So basically when you have a main story where your allies are practically 100% reliable good guys that have your back against 100% certified bad guys with no complex motivations, things become way too shallow. The only thing that saves it from being a mess is that we're kept going by well written interactions between your allies, but that doesn't really work as a replacement for the story not having enough mystery or morally grey areas.

      I am glad however that CDPR mostly fixed these issues in the expansions and that the side quests are mostly well written, but it's still a shame how large parts of the main quest are ultimately way too straight forward.
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      • Hello everyone, Since this is a feedback thread I would really just like too say the The Witcher Wild hunt is absolutely one of the best games I have ever played, I've just finished blood and wine and so have now reached the end of Geralts Story. I am rather looking forward to the eventual release of cyberpunk 2077!

        I have attempted writing my own review of the game as I would quite like to get into game reviews, It is my first ever review so don't expect a masterpiece but I shall leave you all the link http://austinrambles.blogspot.co.uk/...ojekt-red.html

        Thank you so much CD Projekt Red for this marvel and I look forward too what you bring out in the future!


        • Very disappointed by the W3 thought the game somewhat sucked. How the game played was worse than games on the PS2. My god the combat was terrible.
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