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Skyrim and W3

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    I find things to love about TW3 and Skyrim, but I also find it hard to compare them side-by-side. There are certain aspects of each game that are similar, certain things I like more / less about each game, but modding is something that Bethesda games are specifically built for. I agree that adding modding capability to any game might increase its lifespan, but that really requires an engine to be specifically developed for that purpose. In turn, that would offset other things. I doubt we would have had all of those gorgeous cutscenes and bustling cities in TW3 if the engine had been tailored for modding instead.

    Besides, aside from Bethesda's titles and Minecraft...there really aren't any other titles I can think of specifically built to let players create their own content. (Neverwinter Nights 1? Few people I know really play that anymore.)