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Ofier's distant shores bug? 2015-2017

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  • Ofier's distant shores bug? 2015-2017


    It has been 2 years, and you still didn't fix the bug in this mission. I have all the diagrams but this one, from the bandit camp. I forgot about it and sat to play the whole game again almost 2 years after, i come on the same mission and it's still broken! This makes me so mad! I feel ripped off. How in the gods name have you not fix this yet! How? There cannot be any excuses, shame on you!

    I demand apology from CDRed and explanation for this. In the end, you live from us, and we live for this (gaming)

    2 years....

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    Wait, has it really been 2 years since HoS release? Anyway, I get that you're upset and you have a right to be but you are clearly exaggerating here. The bugs have priorities and they get fixed according ti them. This quest is in no way gamebreaking and to be honest it WAS fixed for a lot of people, just haven't been rooted out completely. Some bugs never getting fixed in the final version is an unfortunate truth at this point in virtually any game. If you examine other games of this size and scope, the Witcher has way less left-over bugs than most. Think Skyrim here or even FO4.


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      this was fixed,
      what version fo the game you have?


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        Also, please be aware that many fixes are not retroactive. Beginning a new game at Level 0 under v1.31 will work correctly, but beginning a playthrough in v1.XX then updating the game to v1.31 may not prevent or fix the bug. The best bet in this case is to load to a point before that quest appears in your journal, then play through it again. To be very safe, avoid fast-traveling during the quest itself.

        Are you using any mods?


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          I also encountered this bug today. Playing on Ps4 Version 1.31 and new game +, with a game save created in an older version of the game. Tried reloading and meditating, but that didn't helped.


          • #6
            Alright, if you're willing, let's try something based on pure "Why not?"

            Can you load a saved game (if possible) from before you installed HoS, then travel to White Orchard and back to Velen. (If that's not possible, speed-through a new game and get to Velen for the first time.) After that, load a save that occurs before the "From Ofier's Distant Shores" quest appears in your journal. Play through the quest again without fast traveling at any point.

            What am I doing? I don't know. What I'm trying to do is get the game to initially load Velen with Hearts of Stone "for the first time". Meaning: load all data for the region together before any quest flags have been thrown. I have no reason to believe this will have any effect, but my gut wants me to try it. I'm using the Force. Except, sometimes, it's not the Force...it's just gas.


            • #7
              Hey all!

              nothing works, I've done it all, but nope..

              anyway, wolven armir same crap, not working. And theese 2 armors are the only one i want because I'm playing 3rd time now.

              It sucks..
              I know they updated before to fix it, but a lot of players still have the problem, so it's not fixed.

              will they ever do smth about it or best ti forge..


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                What platform are you on, Crispr_ ?