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Mike Pondsmith talks about character classes on Cyberpunk 2077

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    Yeah... being forced to do anything when it comes to pnp rpg's tends to be really annoying... and can lead to conflikt amongst the players, and between the players and GM. It is one thing to be "stuck" with a certain role due to that you as a group talked amongst your self about maybe how the groups characters should be structured to cover as many different bases as possible... then atleast there has been a conversation about it, where you your self has been able to say "yeah, sure, I can play the groups main healer/medic" even if you don't normally like playing such a role maybe (I my self don't really like those roles... I tend to more lean towards the warrior/soldier types of combat roles). But when your told, forced, to play a role... either by the other players, or the GM... then things can tend to turn bad, especially if it keeps happening over and over again. There is also a difference if it is something like where the GM maybe force everybody to play Mages or what ever, since then it comes down to that the story/campaign the GM wants to lead revolves around everybody being a mage of some kind.

    Luckily I have only ever once been forced to play a certain role once, when the others in the group was not forced at all and could make what ever they wanted. My GM had finally goten tired of me for the past 10 or so years almost only ever playing human warriors/soldiers, or something close to it (like a combat heavy type of thief/rogue/rangers/hunters/etc kinds of characters, etc)... so while the other 2 in the group got to play what they wanted (both of them made Dwarves), my GM forced me to play an elven mage. Which are two of the few things I dislike the most playing... playing mages and such is the roles I dislike the most playing... and there are not a lot of races I in general dislike even more playing then Elves (Dwarves usually being the race I dislike the most playing). I still got to choice exactly how to build the character, as long as he was an elf mage, and atleast decent at magic and no weapon or combat skill higher then any mage skills (which was another stipulation ... since that is also pretty common for me when I made characters who's role was not really combat, where even something like a scientist would be better at combat then he was on the science stuff when I made them... I either make pure warriors/soldiers... or hybrid roles/classes where one half of them are warriors/soldiers types of characters... XD ). The character I decided to make was essentualy a sort of protest towards that I was forced to playing that character. Everything from which magic school I choice, to his name, personality, etc.

    Of course, it is not really that I mind playing something like that... a mage, or something which is not a human (I tend to prefer playing human in essentually all types of games, be they pnp rpg, tabletop games, or videogames in general), etc... but I atleast want it to be my choice when I do play something like that.
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      Hey do you guys remember that thing called "CHARISMA" in Fallout 4? Funny how you could simply shoot your way through the game and completely disregard CHARISMA as a whole. Not to mention the game itself gave no choices to the player.

      Originally posted by kofeiiniturpa View Post

      A lot are.

      But there are often cases where the assumption of uselessness is the result of not knowing or understanding where and how the skill is supposed to be used, not appreciating what it does, or personally not finding it useful and so deems it useless in general.

      Flavor skills are also often a good thing. Even despite their relative uselessness in comparison to the most used skills, they often manage to create fun gameplay variety (if designed right).
      I also loved to use Axii to mind control enemies only to see them standing still most of the time.

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        I wasn't really defending Witcher 3's magic abilities, but since you bring it up. Axii felt much more worth it to me than Yrden, sometimes even more than Igni. But that's about that.
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          i'm sure they will make different classes with unique abilities, and you pick one and complete the game with it and then pick another one and use totally diferent abilities
          maybe for multiplayer we have characters with few abilities, you know, less character development and use skills fast , like in mass effect 3 or andromeda mp,

          still nothing substantial to show, this is taking so long