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Should weather go back to affecting both sides of the board?

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    Not a fan of weather in general, personally. It's never been a playstyle I enjoy playing (I don't enjoy high control decks because I feel like I'm removing the fun from other people), and I don't enjoy playing against weather either. Saying that, I still think weather is at a fairly good place right now, especially now that we have boons as well that can overwrite a weather on your side. Keeps things a little more interesting that just weather > first light.


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      Somehow when I look at this I can literally hear his voice in my head.


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        Originally posted by coralzombie View Post

        Pair gold weather with hailstorm. and you see the implications of how powerful it is. What I suggested is not a nerf, just a tactical change that has purpose.
        I say again; it requires a long round for gold weather to pay for itself. You can literally ignore gold weather if the round is only going to last two or three turns, or treat it as a bronze card. And there are a plethora of ways to shut gold weather down flat, and get your lost health back into the bargain, with cards that have extra utility if you didn't need the weather clear.


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          Has anyone who agreed to this change been around during the closed beta?

          If no, you have no idea xD

          My main deck was Foglets, WH, Eredin, Ragh nar Roog at the end, Merigold's Hailstorm, Woodland Spirit, Caranthir, etc. Ragh nar Roog finisher basically guaranteed a victory for you. All WH were immune, so were Drowners and Ancient Foglets. Granted it was more consistent but it also made for a terribly imbalanced game. It is far more balanced the way it is now. And no, just because it is on one side does not mean it necessarily only affects that. It might be that the other side is immune, like the Wild Hunt which doesn't fear Frost, nor is affected by it. For all you lore fans