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"The Stack" in Gwent [Timing of Multiple Effects]

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    Lyserus thread merged

    There are no clear or consistent rules. Players have formed an understanding by observing various interactions. But it does indeed need to be made transparent. CDPR did mention they are working on this.


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      I dont know if you want this information, but i had a Villentretenmerth (mine) and i put a Vran Warrior without much thought after, but then the Vran Warrior consumed a unit before the Scorch effect and it killed him because of that...


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        Originally posted by 4RM3D View Post

        Anyhow, as far as I have been able to gather, when units have the amount of time left on the timer and when they trigger at the start of the round, the prio is as follows:
        1) On your turn, your units activate first
        2) The unit with the highest initial timer goes first
        2) Then the opponent's weather
        3) Then the opponent's units
        Thanks for this, it really helps. Also, does anyone know the proc order for Deathwishes? I don't think I've seen a mention of these on this thread. I think damages go first, then spawns, then heals/boosts. Can anyone confirm?