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Ladder Rewards and Value for Money

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    Originally posted by 265feral View Post
    That sounds like a quote a martial arts sensei would make. You are a Gwent sensei! Do you by chance have long mustaches and wear flowing robes?

    Originally posted by 265feral View Post
    top players actually try to hit the top of the ladder using only the default deck and what they could mill/scrap and collect from kegs
    Lets do the math. You can make a competitive deck with 4 legendaries (either silver/gold), 5 epics, 8 rares and 8 commons.
    That's a total value of 5130 scraps (not the selling price).
    -- The basic deck is about 1200 scraps.
    = 3930 scraps left.
    -- With a bit of luck you get 2 epics and 1 legendary you can use from kegs, worth 1200 scraps.
    = 2730 scraps left.
    -- You get 3 kegs per day playing 2 tiers. That's 150 scraps on average including GG and an occasional epic.
    = 19 days to get a full deck when playing mostly casual.
    = If you can make level 20 for a free Decoy + Ciri and some ranking level rewards you can probably push the number of days back to 15.
    ==> 15 days to get a fully competitive deck as F2P (with a little bit of luck)


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      For a really good player that's maybe possible, I grant you that.

      For an ordinary player, or a player new to the game...not so likely. You're assuming that you get the legendaries and epics and then assuming that they are useful cards in the deck you want (not necessarily the same thing but even so you could mill them into something useful). You're also assuming that you'd mill all the cards from the factions you haven't chosen which is unrealistic (but given this scenario I'm happy to accept). I really struggled at the start of playing Gwent and had to accept that I'd have to live with winning 1 round per game for quite a while to slowly build up my ore and scraps until I could craft a deck that would work so the assumption that getting 3 kegs a day is optimistic at best and not borne out by my (admittedly not the best Gwent player in the world) experience. It's a nice numbers game you've written out but for a casual or average player I don't think it's feasible.

      However, the thought experiment we have here is that a top player (rather than an ignoramus like me) tries to do this and in that case I admit that your figures may not be far from what's possible - it'd be interesting to see one of them try it and find out how accurate your estimate of 15-20 days actually is. Think it will ever happen? There'd be no better time than the introduction of the open beta, after all. If one of them were brave enough to try it (and better yet, document it somehow) when the open beta kicks in it would be really interesting to follow. Unfortunately, I don't think any of them are likely to try it which is a shame.

      BTW, kudos to you for working it all out!


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        There is a YouTuber (whose name I forgot) that uses two accounts. One of those is F2P and he shows how far you can get. Open beta changes little in that regard because everyone participated in closed beta will receive free kegs based on their level and ranking.

        And yes, my calculations were based on the assumption that you know what you are doing. During closed beta you can get experience which gives you a head start in open beta.


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          Honestly, when you're just getting started, I'd say watching streams will help your progression more than anything else. Someone like twitch=> Swimstrim is great because he explains his thinking a lot. A good handle on the mechanics and flow of the game >>> an efficient route to a budget netdeck for your dailies progression.


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            Guys, i read only 3 pages from this thread, so excuse me for not knowing all the complains, but you wanted CD red project to make gwent no? You got gwent. You wanted to make f2p sided, you got it.
            As a hearthstone player, i am very pleased , and now some people are complaining for not getting legendaries in kregs.
            I don t want this game to be pay2win sided, you pay money, is your choice, i choose to play this game free. And if you don t have time to play for kregs, this means that you can t actually play this game. This game is meant to be played, And this is what i like , you play daily and get 3 kregs. What could you possibly ask more?
            Try to make a good deck and have fun in hearthstone playing without money. Is almost impossible.
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