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Nilfgaard Reveal - What do you think?

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  • Nilfgaard Reveal - What do you think?

    I am intersted to know, how others fell about the card reveal ability as for me it took away most of the fun of playing the game.
    Before it was allways the thrill of the round 3 last cards, the mind games one could play with the opponent, lure him into making wrong decisions and vice versa.
    Now, it makes me forfeit any nilfgaard opponent i come against, asking myself what the purpose of playing cards is if the opponent knows my hand down to the last card.
    The last time i played against the NG example, round 3, 6 cards in hand, all revealed. My opponent knew he couldnt win, so he forfited. With 6 cards in hand at 1 vs.1 in round 3.
    In my opinion, secret of cards is fundamental to any card game as the element of surprise and skilled bluff is often the difference of win ot loose. It is not that NG is OP because of this ability, or that one can not win against them. It is just as a lot more fun breaking then PFY

    Another recent example: i lost against SK because i forgot the Toruviel trap placed by my opponent. That could not happen if i played reveal NG, because i would know he has the card in hand.


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    Yeah, haven't gotten a chance to play yet today with the new update but that sounds dumb. Kind of takes the surprise out of a strategy.


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      that's the point of NG... it switches from "does he have it?" to "how can i maximize my power to the last point?"


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        Originally posted by RickMelethron View Post
        that's the point of NG... it switches from "does he have it?" to "how can i maximize my power to the last point?"
        They also trade a significant amount of raw value power for this info.

        With the D.bomb nerf, weather changes (meaning less deck thinning with rally), quen buffs, Chorn tweaks, shroom nerf etc I can see buffing cards being far more valueable, this is something that the NG cards don't handle.

        The cow launcher is however complete bullshit when paired with aard.


        • #5
          I had the chance to play a full Reveal deck today, and while i agree with most of your points(all of the above), i find it way too easy to reveal all the cards in opponent's hand with very little effort and yeah, it completely takes away the fun.


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            I think playing wiht your cards revealed is not fun and the ability makes the game as a whole less enjoyable.


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              NG's reveal hurts scoia'tael the most (ambush cards). However, the factions has it's own weaknesses in return.
              Lacking in both power and control NG is struggling right now, mostly because most people can't play to the information advantage well yet.
              I personally think It's a deck building issue, as you need to have a different outlook than for other factions.

              Can't wait to get some NG cards and play with it myself. (And find the time to put down my ST deck ... damn it's both fun and powerful.)

              TLDR: I don't think the reveal aspect is an issue, as NG pays a heavy price for the effect.
              Ayd f'haeil moen Hirjeth taenverde.


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                I like the reveal aspect. It's a different approach compared to other faction which is good I think.


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                  Who doesn't mind the odd peep, c'mon.

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                    I agree its not fun... so now I play nilfguard and its fun again


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                      Maybe it is just my distaste for "meta" decks in card games. I routinely have all of my hand revealed even half way through a game against Nilfgard. I believe this dynamic is a game breaker, pure and simple. In my humble opinion, this game's fun lies in the fact that you do not see each other's cards. It makes you plan multiple strategies, whereas when your entire hand is revealed, there is a more limited outcome between the players' interaction.
                      If i were to see it my way, Emrys would be reduced to 2 cards revealed and one of their own. And for every 2 cards revealed in the opponents hand, one is revealed in the Nilfgard hand.
                      i think this would force Nilfgard players to use card reveal abilities sparingly in their decks.
                      Or, allow for neutral revealing cards. But, like I said before, the very philosophy is not fun (in my opinion. It's just feedback. Please don't flame). I do understand that there are plenty of players who would outrage to see it gone.

                      To clearify, I don't have a huge issue beating Nilfgard. Or winning with them. Though, whether I am against Nilfgard or using it, the game becomes less fun with each card revealed.
                      I appreciate what "meta" factions can do in CCGs, but sometimes I feel Nilfgard has gone way too far. Other dynamics about Nilfgard are able to be worked against or with for your favor. Revealing cards is a blatant break in every faction's archtypes. Even Nilfgard's. I would rather not see revealing in the game at all, but that attitude usually doesn't lead anywhere progressive.

                      What say you? Does revealing card make your whole game less satisfactory? Or would you say it improves the cat-and-mouse gameplay?
                      Does this dynamic feel just right for Nilfgard, or should it be treated like Decoy and be neutral for all decks to potentially use?
                      Is there a thought about Nilfgard's connection with Revealing that I haven't touched on? Please share!


                      • #12
                        First of all, it's Nilfgaard!

                        Anyhow, it's completely the opposite for me. I just love Reveal Decks. They are fun to play against. Sometimes they reveal an important card I have and I just imagine the opponent going "oh shi~~". I have no problem with Reveal Decks. Besides, it isn't as strong as other (NG) decks. So, they have to make up for it somehow.


                        • #13
                          I tried NG reveal and it sucks. Have you ever played with that deck? Play 5 games and you will probably lose 4 lol. And you want a Ehmyr nerf? They should buff him instead because nobody play reveal all NG players use Morvran Voorhis.


                          • #14
                            I typically find that a lot of the Nilfgaard players I go up against don't actually -look- at my cards when they've revealed them. They usually just use it for mangonel spam, buffing their spotters, etc. There's been many times where I've crushed an NG opponent with a card that's been revealed for quite some time.


                            • #15
                              the problem with reveal is that you can t take a really advantage on your enemy, because you rely on mangonel, that sux because do the same stuff of longship ( skellige) but worse and only source of direct strenght is spotter, with all trouble to have 3 cards with same strenght. And, in the end, you need all the card, in combo.. so, if you lose against a reveal deck there are 3 reasons:
                              1)you suck/your opponent outplayed you
                              2)your deck sucks ( not prepare to fight him because is out of meta)
                              3)you don t know the meta reveal deck and instead to understand the mechanic, you prefer cry on the forum, asking for nerf a z tier deck
                              and, how someone said above, it's only ONE single faction, with only ONE single leader
                              do your math

                              btw, there is always a problem: first with letho because is OP, then with cahir, now with reveal...
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