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patch problem [monsters nerfed]

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  • patch problem [monsters nerfed]

    Just great. I've invested more than 1400 scrapes into the monster and now is nerfed badly. I can't even win one round in the last 5 games. Got nothing else to play at level 20 since I am missing key epic and legendary cards..... thank you: it was fun

  • #2
    You are not the one here... I too milled many cards for skellige & now I am crying hahaha

    Just hope that open beta will start soon


    • #3
      But I didn't mill any cards....


      • #4
        Originally posted by rulezfin View Post
        But I didn't mill any cards....
        Indirectly I have too invested good amt of scraps on skellige that's what I wanted to say.. Game is in beta so this is going to happen.


        • #5
          You can always play ST and scorch all the time xD


          • #6
            Same here. I discarded all my other cards even the leaders......
            It feels horrible.
            I think I need a break from gwent, ill come back when open beta arrives and I get back the kegs I bought.
            Sad day for monster lovers.

            And they didnt touch Yenifer whom is completely busted.

            Come on CD projeckt, you guys are the best but let us know a bit in advance next time.


            • #7
              the only "badly nerfed" archetype was weather... and for good reason. (which was quite obviously going to happen, since weather was hugely buffed in the previous patch)