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List of all GWENT Character Voice Lines

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  • List of all GWENT Character Voice Lines

    Here you will find a list of all full voice lines for each character in Gwent: The Witcher Card Game.
    Along with translations, the origin of the quote (if it came from any of the Witcher games for example), and now with the actual voice files!

    Here is the Google Spreadsheet for the list. Please check this link for the most up to date version. I will be updating that much more frequently than this thread.
    The origin of each quote can also be found in the spreadsheet.
    @ispyy Has taken the time to create a Soundcloud library of all the voice files.

    Neutral Card Line (Soundcloud Library Provided by ispyy. Huge props!)
    Cleaver Nuff gob-flappin'!
    Snitches get stitches
    I'm a dwarf o' business
    Lookie here, if it ain't Cyprian Wiley!
    Cyprian Wiley Heheh, slow, ain't ya?
    Well, we've nattered enough
    Dudu I-I-I'm coming… coming
    S-since you i-insist
    I-if I must…
    Eskel Gettin' to work
    Sure, no problem
    All right
    This'll be quick and painful
    Iris I am sadness
    We've met? I don't recall…
    I'm so very, very afraid…
    Johnny Whiskey! Slither! Ringworm! Rubbish! Bumblebee! Flabbergasted! Ha! The sound of it!
    Good grief, you're worse than children!
    Do I look like a smudger to you?
    Peter Piper picked Prince Proximo a peck of pickled peppers by the Pontar. Hahaha.
    The thirty-three thieves thought they thrilled the throne throughout Thursday. Hah!
    King of Beggars Who do I spy...?
    The semblance of power don't interest me
    So, how are things?
    Not one escapes! Got it?
    Lambert Now that's the kind of negotiating I understand
    Been waiting a long time for this
    I'm in no mood to talk
    So what's our plan?
    A bit of respect. You're not talkin' to Geralt
    Don't teach your grandma to suck eggs
    Olgierd I'm in no mood for jests
    Death holds no surprises
    A moment. I need to smoke
    Operator You blind, greedy, fool. Die
    Welcome, Chosen One
    Sarah Did I scare you?
    Do you want to tickle me?
    Vesemir I'm too old for this shit!
    Tomfoolery! Enough!
    Not much left of that world
    Avallac'h Vedrai! [Italian: You will see]
    At last
    Appearances can be deceiving
    It's time
    You will see it. In your dream
    Ciri - Blink/Dash Yield and save me some time!
    You've talked enough.
    Don't make me laugh!
    Ho-ho, I sense trouble…
    Field Marshal Duda - Companion/Agitator Frrrr-ickin' rrrr-ight!
    Uggerrrr-me! Crrrr-ackers!
    Scurrrrr-vy scadges!
    Geralt - Igni/Swordsmith/Aard Grr, I hate portals
    Let's get this over with
    Not your lucky day
    Any last words?
    Gaunter O'Dimm At your service. Always
    My world, my rules
    Hahahaha… Point for me
    You wished to play, so let us play
    I never cheat
    Regis Your powers of deduction seem to have waned not one bit. I'm happy
    Anything in particular interest you?
    I know you're in trouble. I can help
    Triss - Merigold/Butterfly Spell How can I help?
    I will not let this become a second Sodden
    I'll do what I can
    Just great
    Addan quen spars-paerpe'tlon Vort!
    I sense strong magic
    Yennefer - Summoner/Conjurer You crossed the wrong sorceress
    You'd best yield now!
    There'll be nothing to pick up when I'm done with you
    Zoltan - Animal Tamer/Chivay Damn the whoresons!
    Ho-ho! Oh-ho-ho, I could use a pint!
    Come to pappy
    Always willin', pall.

    Nilfgaard Card Line (Soundcloud Library Provided by ispyy. Huge props!)
    Emhyr var Emreis Patience is not a virtue I am known to have
    Alternative 1
    Alternative 2
    Alternative 3
    There is but one punishment for traitors
    Alternative 1
    Alternative 2
    The North shall tuck tail and beg for mercy. That is its destiny
    Alternative 1
    Alternative 2
    Jan Calveit I shall not repeat Emhyr's mistakes
    Onward, sons of Nilfgaard!
    I forgive you. This time
    Morvran Voorhis If it's peace you desire, prepare for war!
    My men know the meaning of sacrifice
    Not all battles need end in bloodshed
    Alba Pikemen Esse'lath seiâ’fyll! (Loose formation!)
    Hael Ker'zaer! (Long live the Emperor!)
    Alba Spearmen No passage
    Mashed potatoes with thick gravy, or some hard cheese from Gemmera
    What is it now?
    Alchemist Greetings… what is it?
    There's been a mistake… I'm no mage
    If anyone asks… You've not seen me
    Ambassador N'ees tedd a thu [I've no time for you]
    Bu'rac [Bumpkin]
    Hael Ker'zaer [Long live the emperor]
    Black Infantry Arbalest Orde! [Yes, sir!]
    Wise choice
    Your life is mine now
    Combat Engineer Barbarians
    Aen iarean nyald aep kroofeir… [Like searching for a needle in a haystack…]
    I warned you
    Daerian Foot Soldiers Off to the front yet again
    Quiet or the commissar will hear
    Rach, sheyss! Yn, twe! [Move, dammit! One-two!]
    Emissary Please wait, Your Excellency. I am falling behind
    A shame I have no time…
    Your humble servant
    Impera Brigade E'er y glòir [Honor and glory]
    Discipline. That is what you folk lack
    Glòir aen Ker'zaer! [Glory to the Emperor!]
    Impera Enforcers Nilfgaaard!
    Aen Ard Feain! [By the Great Sun!]
    Neen ratreut! [Do not dare fall back!]
    Nauzica Brigade Nilfgaaaaaard!
    Tuvean y gloir! [Death and glory!]
    Aecáemm aen me! [Follow me!]
    Nauzicaa Standard Bearer Se'ege na tuvean! [Victory or death!]
    A’anval neen orde! [Attack at will!]
    Nausicaaaaa - charge!
    Nilfgaardian Knight Praise be to the Great Sun!
    Know this - all roads lead to Nilfgaard
    Order will triumph, it must triumph!
    Spotter Buahehehehe
    Dyaebl aep arse… [Bugger the devil…]
    Eeee, var'oom? [Uhhh… what?]
    Vicovaro Medic My prescription - a bit of bloodletting
    Hm, a highly curious case
    Aegroto dum anima est, spes est [Latin: As long as a sick man lives, there is hope]
    Vicovaro Novice Of course! As you wish, master!
    Hrmph - that was not in the spell books
    Now, how did that incantation go…?
    Albrich I live to serve
    My powers are yours to command
    Utter your wish, and I shall make it so
    Assire var Anahid Yes? What is it?
    I shall do as you command
    If magic dies, this world dies with it
    Auckes Who is to die?
    Ah, sometimes, I've had about enough
    There is no escape
    Cantarella I shall be your eyes, my Lord
    Let us see…
    No one can hide from me
    Ceallach aep Gruffyd My son has erred…
    Cahir… my son…
    Your Majesty, I cast myself upon thy mercy
    Cynthia For the emperor!
    I like to improvise
    I'm impressed
    Fake Ciri Bow before Nilfgaard's Rightful Empress
    We all make sacrifices, the Empire our cause
    The good of the Empire – that is what matters
    Fringilla Vigo The good of magic is the greatest good
    Wield my magic as if it were your own
    Of course… my lord
    The Guardian Do golems dream of magic sheep?
    Greet guests, foil intruders
    I exist because Master Daerhenna wills it so
    Joachim de Wett I shall flog them into submission
    Enough! Let us finish this
    Barbarians, all
    Peter Saar Gwynleve I strive above all to be just
    The common folk, I care for them
    The Nordlings' hatred for us will never wane
    Serrit Beast or man, makes no difference to me
    This could hurt
    They're dead already
    Sweers Hop to it, knaves!
    Men are best kept on a short lead
    Come on, Stalkers! We ride!
    Vanhemar Ester garemnyth
    Show me what you've got
    Your words mean nothing now
    Cahir I am no Nilfgaardian
    I shall do what I must
    As you wish
    Leo Bonhart Let's dance
    I'll do as you ask… this time
    I don't work for free
    Letho Goddamn fools
    And I'll behave, I promise
    I'm comin' for you
    Yeah. Improvise
    Menno Coehoorn Nothing will stop us
    A clever maneuver
    The empire will be victorious
    Rainfarn Attre remembers
    For Vissegerd
    Do not assume you can order me around
    Stefan Skellen What do you need me to do?
    Achoo! Ugh, blast this cold…
    The revolution is inevitable, merely a matter of time
    Tibor Eggebracht Long live the emperor!
    Give no quarter!
    Vattier de Rideaux I knew you would ask for this
    Proceed according to plan
    All is in place
    Vilgefortz You mistake stars reflected in a pond for the night sky
    Quite the menial task
    Hm, an interesting choice
    Xarthisius I never err in my predictions!
    There will be rain… or frost, perhaps?
    We shall see what the future holds…

    Scoia'tael Card Line
    Brouver Hoog Heh! Nothin' like a dwarf to get ye outta a tight spot!
    Mahakam wasn't built in a day
    We've havered enough. Let's get tae work! [Haver: Scottish Dialect - Babble]
    Eithne Humans have no place in Brokilon
    There will be no negotiation
    I respect nothing human
    Francesca Findabair My folk have suffered much
    Squaess'me, evellienn [Forgive me, all]
    We do what must be done
    Blue Mountain Commando I'll feed you to the crows!
    Dance of death, ha, ha!
    Death awaits us all. All
    Commando Neophyte I shall not fail!
    None shall tread on us!
    Now we will see who is weak!
    Dol Blathanna Archer I never miss
    Que spar aen'le
    They can hide, but there is no escape
    Dol Blathanna Marksman Dol Blathanna! [Valley of Flowers!]
    You're dead already
    Enid an Gleanna! [Daisy of the Valley! (Refering to Francesca Findabair)]
    Dol Blathanna Protector Cáemm! [Come!]
    Dol Blathanna!
    Ceádmil, Aen Seidhe
    Dol Blathanna Trapper Iorveth will avenge us, dh'oine! [Dh'oine: Human(s)]
    Look what the werecat dragged in
    Dwarven Mercanary Know if anyone's got any hootch left? [Hootch: Alcoholic drink / whisky]
    Argh. No use tirin' me tongue about that
    Now we must stick together
    Dwarven Skirmisher Ever had your kneecaps broken?
    Scoia'tael attack!
    Elven blarney [Blarney: talk which aims to charm, flatter, or persuade]
    Elven Mercenary Have strength, my love
    Everything all right?
    A storm is coming. Let's enjoy the weather while we still can
    Elven Wardancer Watch and learn
    Too fast for you, dh'oine?
    Let the dance begin!
    Hawker Healer Oh Melitele… [Melitele: Goddess of fetility]
    Oh my
    We oughta help one or t' other
    Hawker Smuggler Got business for me?
    Show me the coin or sod off
    Special price, just for you, love!
    Hawker Support (Post patch 0.8.72) Fine, if my coin's rank to ye, go kiss a dog 'neath its tail
    You'll regret your mum ever squirted you out
    Oi! Hey there! Come 'ere!
    Hawker Support (Pre patch 0.8.72) Throats parched, bone dry.
    That's It!
    You only die once!
    Mahakan Defender Mahakam!
    Duvvel hoael!
    Wanna whiff of me axe?
    Mahakam Guard Everything all right?
    Water is a Poison
    For Mahakam!
    Vrihedd Brigade Dh'oine!
    Death to all dh'oine!
    This is elven land, dh'oine, upon which your kind dies
    Vrihedd Dragoon Onward, Vrihedd!
    Slaughter them, to a man!
    Peace with humans? A'baeth arse [A'baeth arse: Kiss an arse]
    Vrrihedd Officer Vrihedd! [4th Cavalry Army Division]
    Bloede nekhains. Semilien vart
    Vrihedd Sappers I'm so tired
    For Iorveth!
    Blue Mountains!
    Vrihedd Vanguard Death to humans!
    I was hoping you'd say that
    Your tricks will not save you, dh'oine
    Aelirenn Humans to the sea!
    We shall drive the ape-men into the sea!
    We will take back what was stolen!
    Barclay Els Mahakam!
    Argh, I've gotta get this stinkin' mess in order
    Get the move on, lads! Look alive!
    Braenn There, now let them dangle a while…
    For Eithne!
    Ciaran Iorveth will guide us
    An ill wind blows…
    Humans are not to be trusted
    Dennis Cranmer I've never run from no one and I'm not about to start
    Er, maybe an axe to the heid while I'm at it?
    Ach, I cannae be arsed
    Ele'yas I do what I must
    Clearly, I've a weakness for horned wenches…
    Love is war…
    Ida Emean Why have you summoned me?
    The Time of the White Frost and White Light is nigh…
    Laith aen Undod [One Speach]
    Malena Spar'le! [Attack!]
    We elves have our paths. Don't worry about me.
    I hate you! Curse you, dh'oine!
    Morenn Mother will be proud
    Manticore venom should do the trick
    They'll not leave here alive
    Sheldon Skaggs Aye, aye, soon as I finish my pint
    Melitele's melons, ye're one dense dunderheid! [Dunderheid: Idiot, Simpleton]
    Right, right…
    Toruviel I like the way you die, human
    Waste of arrows, that lot
    Ptooey! Bloede dh'oine [(Spitting) Bloody Humans]
    Yarpen Zigrin Ohh, those scunners're in for a world o' hurt… [Scunners: Scottish - Something you have a strong dislike of]
    So? Any o' youse wanna good look at mae axe? Now dinnae be shy! [Dinnae: Dont]
    Gonna tear their legs from their bahookies! [Bahookies: Scottish - Buttocks]
    Yeavinn Ayd f'haeil moen Hirjeth taenverde [Win not through strength, but audacity]
    Coexistence? No such thing
    We were not the ones to start this war
    Aglais You'll be fine
    Lie still. You've not yet recovered
    Drink this. You'll feel better
    Iorveth Spar'le!
    Enough of this farce! Vedrai! Enn'le!
    I am who I need to be
    Piece of lembas
    Isengrim Vrihedd, spar'le!
    The only good human is a dead human
    No mercy!
    Ithlinne Nigh is the Time of the Sword and Axe
    When the White Frost comes, do not eat the yellow snow
    Nigh is the Time of the White Frost and White Light
    Milva Don't you fret about me. Can take care o' meself
    I'll get it done
    I trust no one. Never 'ave
    Saskia Let's hurry!
    Now, to arms and to the walls! Let's show Henselt real war!
    We'll win
    Hold the lines!
    I kneel before no one
    Schirru What do you want?
    Ooh, how lovely it burns, heheh.
    Who am I to kill?

    Monsters Card Line
    Eredin You shall die, worm
    The king is dead. Long live the king
    Ess'tedd, esse creasa [It is time, it will be the place]
    Any last words?
    It is unavoidable
    Unseen Elder Nac thi sel me thaur?
    The gate must be secure
    Why should I help you?
    Wild Hunt Navigator We know the mysteries of time and space - all, without exception
    Essea invaerne luned
    Cáemm, hen gynvael!
    Wild Hunt Rider Ha! Veloë! [Ha! Quick]
    Ha, ha, ha!
    Dearg Ruadhri! [Red Riders!]
    Wild Hunt Warrior Resistance is futile
    Death comes for you
    There is no escape
    Crone Brewess Come, sisters, no point in dawdling. The table's set, the cauldron bubbles
    I'd suck every last drop out of you
    Your blood – so hot, so sweet
    Cone: Weavess Soon, sisters, very soon
    I sense your pain. I see your fear…
    Crone: Whispess We're all dressed up just for you
    You've freed an ancient power
    I'd be you're best – and last
    A word once given we never break
    Nithral I wonder how long you'll last
    Bloede varh'he! [Bloody Bitch]*
    Salah vatt'ghern! [Pray Witcher!]*
    Caranthir Va faill, dh'oine [Farewel Human]
    There is no escape
    Cáemm Aen Elle! [Go Alder Folk!]
    Draug Hah! Your nightmare!
    Time to win this battle. My Lords, to your banners!
    There will be no reinforcements. You must hold
    We enter the fray!
    Ten lashes to each scout, hang every third one
    Ge'els Naïvety is a fool's blessing…
    Ledwedd varlledu cyall, no ghar [Paintings should convey emotion, not words]
    Imlerith Ladd nahw! [Kill them!]
    Ni'l ceim siaar! [Don’t let them escape!]
    Who taught you to fight like this?
    Succubus I shall sssssavor your death
    Cáemm… [Come…]
    Such a shame I must kill you

    Skellige Card Line
    Crach an Craite You've got the heart of an an Craite
    For Skellige's glory!
    An Craite!
    Dare start with me?! The Wild Boar of the Sea?!
    Harald the Cripple To arms, all o' youse!
    Here's to better loot than in yer wildest, wettest dreams!
    Up and at 'em, lazy mingers! Ye'll sleep when ye're dead!
    King Bran Hah! Of course, friend!
    Mead! More mead! Heheh
    Sit at my table, and let's drink!
    Beserker Marauder Ha ha ha!
    You'll beg for death
    Who's the courage to fight the Vildkaarls? Eh?!
    Clan an Craite Raider It's borin' just standin' here
    That's it! Good!
    Praised be the bravest!
    Clan an Craite Warrior/Warcrier Let 'em come. We'll greet 'em, we will. With fire and iron
    We'll follow you always – into the fire!
    Clan Brokvar Archer By Hemdall's axe!
    Keep together!
    By the Wraiths of Mörhogg!
    Clan Brokvar Hunter Mörhogg devour ye!
    What is it?
    I promise you a quick death
    Clan Dimun Pirate Give us all you got!
    Holger Blackhand's takin' on new swabbies. Whaddaya say?
    You wanna pass, you gotta pay. Can't let you through elsewise
    Clan Dimun Pirate Captain Won't pay us in gold, pay us in blood!
    What's this'un want? Get 'im. We'll feed the bastard to the urchins
    Loot's grand! Enough to drink and plough the whole winter away at taverns
    Told you it'd be worth it!
    Clan Drummond Shield Maiden Now! All together!
    Our shields are our ramparts!
    Give 'em no rest, no reprieve!
    Clan Heymaey Skald Hey listen here, listen well
    cross the wide somber seas, I will sail…
    Don't you pester me
    Clan Tordarroch Armorsmith Swords are for wenches. Get yourself an axe
    The sea provides
    Greetings. Want to look over our stock?
    Clan Tordarroch Shieldsmith Out with the crowns. C'mon, quick now!
    A billion barrels o' burnin' pitch!
    So what? Should I pound it into a poker?
    Clan Tuirseach Axemen Tuirseach!
    For Bran!
    Blood and honor!
    Clan Tuirseach Skirmisher Nothin' like some overseas plunderin' in springtime
    Best not get in the way of me axe
    Kraken eat me goolies, lookie here
    Priestess of Freya Bow before Modron Freya
    Modron Freya is patient, but she brooks no insult
    We serve Her who is Virgin, Mother and Crone
    Queensquard You're good, real good
    Raging Berseker I'll eat your heart!
    Kill! Maim! Destroy!
    Comin' to get ye
    Blueboy Lugos For the clan! For Skellige!
    C'mon, let's go. Time to face our fears
    Champion of Champions Fight good!
    Djenge Frett I like the way you die!
    Ugh. Hate it when they run
    You're comin' with me… dead or alive
    Haven't got all day
    Donar an Hinder For Hemdall!
    Calm yourselves!
    Draig Bon-Dhu Glory to ye
    Na, na na na na...
    Gremist Ugh. Not you again
    That is your brilliant move?! Truly?!
    You've nothin' better to do?
    Gods… not a moment's peace
    Holger Blackhand Dimuuuuuun!
    Callin' me a coward?!
    Jutta an Dimun So? No one else dares face me?
    Then let's start. May Freya choose the victor
    Exactly what I'd hoped for
    Morkvarg Hrrr a bite… Just one morrrrrsel… hrrrr…
    What will you dooo?! Hrrr…
    Hrrrr you cannot hide your stench…
    Sigrdrifa The goddess protect you from all evil
    May Modron Freya watch us and keep us…
    What do you need?
    Skjall I fear nothin'!
    We'll go at 'em together!
    Svanrige I will prove my worth!
    I shan't let you down!
    I swear on my honor!
    We move out at once
    We've no time to lose
    Udalryk He is here
    You only live once!
    The gods won't be pleased
    Birna Bran You stand before the queen of Skellige
    So be it
    We shall do it my way
    Cerys Step careful, there!
    I'm ready
    Need a good slappin'?!
    Hurry, axe handle's rottin'!
    Coral Ehh, I suppose, in the end…
    I can do a great deal more for you…
    Hmm… that might even be amusin
    Ermion Ugh! Gods protect us
    Our time amongst the living is but the wink of an eye
    Eine glav'echen virti adem!
    I can help you if you wish
    Hemdall (Spawned by Kambi) Ragh nar Roog!
    Yaaaawn. Finally
    The time has come!
    Hjalmar Who's next? Who wants to taste Skellige steel?!
    An Craite!
    A thousand thunderin' sea devils!
    Hjalmar an Craite's comin' for ye!
    Madman Lugos Get 'em!
    I make the laws here
    Well? What is it?
    Vabjorn Blood for Svalblod!
    Hahaa! Reason's for the feeble of heart!
    I'll gut ye like fishes!

    Northern Realms
    Northern Realms Card Line
    Foltest Crush those vermin!
    Open this gate, kneel before your king and I shall show you mercy!
    Close ranks!
    For Temeria, men! To die for Temeria is to die a good death!
    Onward! Attack!
    Henselt You want peace? Fight for it
    Men of Kaedwen! Attaaaaack
    Blood and honor!!!
    Radovid Do not test my patience
    A fitting end for a witch
    It is how I punish those who irritate me
    I've had men killed for less
    To the dungeon with him
    Aretuza Adept Ehh, doubt I'll ever pay off these school loans…
    Oh! Oh! Lady Margarita told us of this
    As you wish, m'Lady
    Blue Stripes Commando Semper fi!
    Nice mess you've got here
    Death to the enemy!
    Blue Stripes Scout Bloody nonhumans
    Elves must die!
    Dun Banner Heavy Cavalry For Kaedwen!
    Aye. I'm itchin' for that battle
    For the King!
    Dun Banner Light Cavalry Aye, aye, sir!
    Alert! To arms!
    Ha! Finally!
    Field Medic Tell me you jest
    You must sweat like swine in that jacket
    What do you want of me?
    Kaedeweni Sergeant Stand and fight!
    I've killed for less
    Keadweni Siege Expert I'm an officer and a gentleman
    I pass on every tenth round
    Kaedweni Siege Support What do you want?
    Uh-oh. Trouble approaches
    Poor Infantry (Pre Patch 0.9.6) Got any vittles? Hungry like a wolf, I am…
    Can't take it anymore..
    You can try to win 'em all, but you won't
    Reaver Hunter It's the Crinfrid Reavers' honor that's at stake here. This is no time to whimper
    Let's go!
    Don't recognize your old mates? We're the Crinfrid Reavers
    Rever Scout You one of us or not?
    But we're broke as shit peddlers…
    Shit, I knew it. I told you so, you idiot…
    Redanian Elite Long live the king!
    Troops, here, now!
    Redanian Knight(-Elect) Best give up now
    For Radovid!
    Long live etcetera etcetera. Ugh. Feel like pukin' after that swill in the canteen
    Temerian Foor Soldier I don't wanna die
    For Temeria!
    Come to pappy!
    Tridam Infantryman Tridaaam!
    Awaitin' yer orders
    To arms!
    Dandelion The quill is mightier than the sword
    Asking me for help – now that's smart
    With pleasure
    For you, my friend - always!
    Got a bad feeling about this…
    Famous last words, right there
    Rumors travel faster than the wind
    Dethmold ... your will be done, Sire
    Well, then, let's get to work…
    As you command, Your Majesty
    Margarita Laux-Antille I hope we can trust you
    What can I do for you?
    I'll gladly help. If I live to see it
    Nenneke Nasty wounds, those. But you'll live
    Are you wounded? Again?
    Thank not me. Thank Melitele
    Odrin Down, up... Yesssiiir!
    I'm goin' where I'm goin'…
    What, hm? Who are yooouuu...? Ah, right… Wait a second…
    And I'm not goin' where I'm not... goin'
    Pavetta No… NOOO!
    You must stop… please…
    I… I can't…
    Prince Stennis Peace is priceless
    I am not afraid. Fear is a commoner's trait, unfit for one with royal blood running in his veins
    You stand before royal majesty! And you raise your hands against it!
    Sabrina Glevissig I'm ready
    Battles are won or lost by the commanders, not by sorceresses
    Sile de Tanserille I've no interest in politics
    Hmm… Interesting
    My studies are more important than… this
    You cant stop me, not you, not anyone else!
    Thaler Ah! Mean they've not forgotten me? That's nice
    Ah, I see you've thought about this
    Who takes an interest in cobblers? No one
    Trololo Private Slate. Report on order
    Pikes in air, swords to sky! Nilfgaard scum must die die die!
    Who drink barrels and ask for more? The infantry from Tregotor!
    Mamma, come and see dem marching. It King Ravodid who call
    Who makes Emhyr wet his panty? Cavalry from Nimnar Valley!
    Ves Lads… The time to discuss this is later
    I'll manage. Don't you fret
    Idle chatter – I'm not interested
    Bloody Baron I'll gather my men!
    I've nothing to lose
    Now, where'd I put the bloody vodka…?
    Hahahahaah! We've a hero in our midst!
    Pffgrr! Let's show this bastard what we're worth!
    Dijkstra My lads'll make sure of that
    Lots of prior experience – worked with idiots my whole life
    I'm all ears
    See me smiling? I'm dead serious
    John Natalis Temeria has yet to speak its last
    Dark clouds gather over Temeria
    Keira Metz I feel honored, truly
    And now, something special!
    I don't like men who turn me down
    Nature stinks
    Philippa Eilhart Cynne'lle, Hen Ichaer, ardane eich'un!
    You do not deserve to live!
    I'll never be imprisoned again! Never!
    I've no mercy for your kind!
    You'll suffer the consequences of your foolishness
    Power – the object of dark desire
    Priscilla Let's show 'em what real art is
    Are you certain? I'd do it differently
    Not a bad idea
    Well, how about a game of gwent?
    Shani I'm a medic. I tend to know what I'm doing when I prescribe something
    Sure, be glad to
    It's war. Severed limbs, blood and guts
    Vernon Roche Temeria – that's what matters
    The North! Temeria!

    Shøp (Shoop)
    Uman in shop, Shøp in shop. Heheheh…
    Hmm… Shøp leave pot on burnyrocks maybe...?
    Hey, barrel-buyman. Time is glitterocks
    Shøp not have all day. Shøp must stack glitterocks…
    Glitterocks good… but gwentycards gooders!
    Secret to Shøp's goodygoods? Love, nature, hunt for happiness
    Such wow-wows not find no-place, no-how
    Goodest cards you get! Uman deserve it!
    Goodest goods Shøp got! Most goodest!
    Customer right always. If customer have shiny rocks
    Shøp do all for uman who come in shop
    Shøp want uman come back, glitterocks bring
    Ooooh… perty gwentycard
    Uman put big heart into create
    Mmm… warm still
    So? Uman likey?
    Oooh… we make smashsmash?!
    Shøp got cheapesty barrels in… uhhh… this land
    Yup-yup-yup! Must smashsmash! Shøp show!
    Boy-o-boy-o! Shøp want see what wow-wow inside!
    Uhh… but…
    No fairsies!
    Crack! Smash!
    Mash-bash! Me barrel thrash!
    Gwentycards! Lots! All kinds!
    Whack-bang-wow! That me know how!
    Wham-bang-smash, barrel now is trash!
    Barrelses many, prices for umans of all walks!
    Uman smart is, uman barrel buy. Good barrel Shøp got, that no lie!
    Uman take time. Shøp just stand here
    Uman soup-soup eat? Yum-yum. Elfy soup
    Dum-dum-dum-da-daa… Dum-dum-dum-da-daa…
    Fly more high like a griffin…
    Po-po-po-pokey rock, po-po-pokey rock
    Toot-toot-toot… Argh…
    Toot-toot-toot… Hrmph!
    Toot-toot-toot… Yaa!
    Prrmp. Heheheh…
    Brrumpffff! Ooo, no no…
    Blegh! Ahhh…
    Ehh, beh, arrm…
    Hmm… hmmm, hm…. A-ha!
    Oooh, shiny!
    Ooh, wow-wow!
    Smart uman choosed good!
    Oh yah, goody-good
    Ooh! Goody-wow!
    Oh noooo!
    No good
    Make smashsmash?
    Shøp smash now?
    Now for more!
    More gwentycards!
    Dum dum duuum…
    La la la, la la…
    No rush, uman-friend, take time…
    Ahoyhoy, uman-friend!
    Ahhh! Welcome!


    If I have missed any, feel free to post them below
    Translations the origin of quotes, and links to the soundcloud files is ongoing (will be updating/adding them overtime)
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      Excellent post :-) thank you for taking the time and doing this. Ive always wanted to know what some of the cards said!


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        +1 REDpoint!


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          Fishing relaxes me. It's like yoga, except I still get to kill something.


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            Jesus all mighty!


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              AWESOME!! ill give you a redpoint once the mod gets this forum fix


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                ill give you a redpoint once the mod gets this forum fix
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                  Dudu I-I-I'm coming… coming


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                    Ohh my bad. sry these are current card voice lines.. Thanks.


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                      Ess'tedd, esse creasa
                      Every time Eridin says this, it sounds like, "Instead, it's a pizza"


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                        Great post, was searchin for sth like that


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                          I have decided to expand this post even further beyond just giving the voice lines, by telling you where the quote comes from.

                          So for example, Lambert now has quests associated with his voice lines.
                          Lambert Now that's the kind of negotiating I understand TW3: Quest "Ugly Baby"
                          Been waiting a long time for this TW3: Side Quest "Following the Thread"
                          I'm in no mood to talk TW3: Quest "The Battle of Kaer Morhen"
                          So what's our plan? TW3: Quest "The Battle of Kaer Morhen"
                          A bit of respect. You're not talkin' to Geralt TW3: Quest "Ugly Baby"
                          Don't teach your grandma to suck eggs TW3: Quest "The Final Trial"

                          btw, to any mods could this be a sticky thread?
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                            Like the feature of where the voice comes from! Lots of the "original" quotes are from the book... if you accept your quest.


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                              Originally posted by IAxiiYourMother View Post
                              Like the feature of where the voice comes from!

                              Originally posted by IAxiiYourMother View Post
                              Lots of the "original" quotes are from the book... if you accept your quest.
                              Yeah..... I suspect a lot of quotes come from the books.
                              I only know a few for certain, such as Vilgefortz's, and Milva's

                              But I do accept my own quest!
                              May take me a while though.


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                                I always thought Eredin was saying smth like "As dead as Sacrisa", so I looked through the wiki to find who Sacrisa was but I found nothing.
                                Turns out he as actually speaking in Elder Speech.