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Should Gwent Tracker be patched to everyone?

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  • #16
    Originally posted by TheShift View Post
    I have never used a tracker..even threw out the entire closed beta.
    I feel I do pretty well without it.

    ​​​​​​Do I consider it cheating ?

    Well I don't know..
    it's like do I consider a slow person retarded..maybe
    Don't change the fact that it's not part of the official game ..therefore if the Reds don't add it to the game,it's not needed.

    So final answer ..

    C. I don't know
    Im with you with that.What happened to us regulars that have to use all the precious seconds to think and calculate the point difference of each card combo ?
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    • #17
      I had a look at it and I feel like it should be included in the base game, from what I heard this created an unfair disadvantage for console players.

      Tho honestly, the only three important feature that actually affect the game play is:
      1.Show what opponent and yourself played (which actually can be seen in orginal game on the left side window)
      2.Show the base strength of cards (which I think should be included in the original game)
      3.Show what cards you have left (which can also be included in game, tho when you view the deck, the order of deck should not be in order)

      Overall it does not provide huge advantage in pro games since people usually know the base strength and what they have left, but still, no harm in providing to everyone


      • #18
        I don't know but I think cdpr is surely working on it & at final release we all going to get these tracker features like we got social features now.


        • #19
          I don´t need trackers to beat the PC master race


          • #20
            It is only minor in significance since there are third party programs to achieve the effect and a huge effort for CDPR in regard of time consumption and expense in comparison to that, but i still think a Deck Tracker could be a great idea. I also don't know if this was already suggested.

            Deck Trackers are not necessary to play good or even play at all, but they give you an edge in regard of your game plan and sometimes it helps to know whats left in the deck without ending up on the rope. Consider draw heavy decks or even First Light:Rally. What could you get? Would it be useful or would you draw an Emissary on an empty board for 100%?
            Third party programs are a soultion, it would only be nice to have it for everyone without extra effort (in this case the player, not the developer).

            You could maybe have it as an overlay like existing trackers with the options to toggle it off and hide it during a match with button.


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              thread merged


              • #22
                It should either be removed for everyone or added to everyone.

                Knowing which cards you still have in your deck is great, especially when you play a thinning deck, like spies. And while you can get pretty good at counting cards, there's one thing that the tracker is really good for. Seeing base strength of all cards. In a game where cards get buffed, nerfed and added it's a very useful thing, since keeping track of everything can get a bit confusing.

                At the very least add some of its features, like showing cards' base strength.


                • #23
                  Originally posted by Snake_Foxhounder View Post
                  It should either be removed for everyone or added to everyone.
                  Idealistically? Yes.
                  Realistically? Maybe in the future.

                  Gwent Tracker cannot be removed nor prevented because it only reads from the local client, without modifying critical game files. There is simply no reliable way to detect this. Instead, let's just hope that CDPR adds tracking in the future.


                  • #24
                    why do people use the option "i dont know" instead of something relevant?


                    • #25
                      Originally posted by RickMelethron View Post
                      why do people use the option "i dont know" instead of something relevant?
                      I don't know.

                      (Sorry, couldn't resist)


                      • #26
                        Originally posted by RickMelethron View Post
                        why do people use the option "i dont know" instead of something relevant?
                        Can't speak for other people, but in my case it was because I really don't know. I don't trust the app (it's not entirely reliable, as has been proven many times in various streams), and nor do I need deck trackers. But on the other hand it couldn't hurt to have an official version available for everyone - as long as it'd be toggleable.

                        So yeah, I don't know.
                        Can you see this? Yes?! But it was supposed to be invisible ink...
                        Oh well, since you're reading this now I might as well show you a
                        cool link.

                        I was formerly known as RidiculousName, in case you're wondering.


                        • #27
                          One of many reasons LoL becomes popular is that it does not create much "burden of memory", Gwent is already complicated, involves lots of calculation within short rope and probably will become even harder to track cards in the future with more mechanic added.

                          I understand that trying hard is also a beauty of gwent but even pro gamers have to use papers to track cards in tournament, that means necessarily a tracking app is not a cheating tools, but more like something that save us writing, papers, ... This may be a good feature to make Gwent more attractive to casual players, not everyone would like to make something big.

                          There are more things in Gwent that makes it challenging like deck building, prediction, interaction, ... Most of the time tracking cards on your own is like "burden of memory".

                          So personally my opinion is tracking app should be a feature in game, but only in casual or ladder, and toggleable. Disabling it in tournament is OK.


                          • #28
                            Don't use it personally. Still, I don't object to those who do. I know I am bright enough not to need it. (I.e. I can keep track of what has been played in my head and have a fast enough mental arithmetic to do those important calculations.)

                            I also feel the "burden of memory," is part of the strategy of playing. It makes the game more challenging. It adds another dimension. That said I can see why the muggles might need it...

                            If this game become s an esport trackers should be banned from all tournaments.
                            Last edited by njmcshane; 30-09-17, 09:23.


                            • #29
                              I use tracker, but I rarely look at the cards left, since I've been playing similar decks for so long that I have they fixed in my memory. The main reason I run the tracker is to have a database of my matches so I can see how well each deck performs against each faction. If they implement such a feature so that we can see our statistics in detail for each deck we have, I would easily drop the tracker.

                              Also showing the base strength of a unit when you mouse over it should be an in game feature IMO.
                              Last edited by Theodrik; 30-09-17, 09:51.


                              • #30

                                As old school player, I am against using third party software which will affect gameplay of competitive multiplayer game. I will not stop other using it so please do not force it on us as well.