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Should Gwent Tracker be patched to everyone?

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    Originally posted by TheShift View Post
    I have never used a tracker..even threw out the entire closed beta.
    I feel I do pretty well without it.

    ​​​​​​Do I consider it cheating ?

    Well I don't know..
    it's like do I consider a slow person retarded..maybe
    Don't change the fact that it's not part of the official game ..therefore if the Reds don't add it to the game,it's not needed.

    So final answer ..

    C. I don't know
    Im with you with that.What happened to us regulars that have to use all the precious seconds to think and calculate the point difference of each card combo ?
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      I had a look at it and I feel like it should be included in the base game, from what I heard this created an unfair disadvantage for console players.

      Tho honestly, the only three important feature that actually affect the game play is:
      1.Show what opponent and yourself played (which actually can be seen in orginal game on the left side window)
      2.Show the base strength of cards (which I think should be included in the original game)
      3.Show what cards you have left (which can also be included in game, tho when you view the deck, the order of deck should not be in order)

      Overall it does not provide huge advantage in pro games since people usually know the base strength and what they have left, but still, no harm in providing to everyone


      • #18
        I don't know but I think cdpr is surely working on it & at final release we all going to get these tracker features like we got social features now.


        • #19
          I don´t need trackers to beat the PC master race