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Scoia has dominated the ladder

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    Spellitel is equivalent to worst idea ever for this game. Cdpr was thinking how do we get more players to play our game and like it. Well here's now you give any idiot they ability to destroy or lock every single thing you put on the board and at the same time can spam weather too. Oh and then when u think he used all three cards, your flipping wrong because hes got 3 more of em rdy for u to do the same shit he ju at did all over again. That's just straight up "pussy play."


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      The Tremors deck can actually do Tremors a total of 8 times in best case scenario.

      While I've got to admit I'm playing it, I hope they nerf it so I can go back to my NG deck.

      ST is my 2nd favorite faction so I quite enjoy playing with the Tremor deck, however I must agree that it's OP. Most times I win with quite a lead and even if I fuck up the deck kind of lets me work it out.

      Biggest issue with the deck I think is that it totally destroys Rot Tossers and beneath way to much from other 1 point plays.
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        Not copying someone else's deck, but I knew that as soon as swim/Merchant et al show their new deck. Bang. Everyone else copies it. How sad. People can't design their own? Can you win against this spell deck?
        I play ST and use it's new units, a couple of each. Still lost 4 in a row against my brethren (sob sob) with the spell deck. Hotfix within a week at this rate.


        • #49
          Game is definitely in a worse place now then it was prior. And I love Scoiatel. I think a lot of what was done was really necessary, but what is often missed in playtesting are the things that seasoned players who play the game every single day pick up on. I don't think that the Sage is really the issue. I think its honestly Stammelfords and the carryover issue. There are ways to defeat this cancerous deck just like anything else, but what this deck does can be meta defining at times. It may not stick around, but the chance of it warps the decision making process for every other deck in the format and thats the problem. Ressurecting Alzurs Thunder or Overdose isn't so bad. The minion generation and round 2 carryover is.

          That being said, I do think the meta will shift around it eventually and we are still in Public Beta. I tend to doubt that CDPR wouldn't at least take note of this before moving forward.


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            Originally posted by MilesOfMouth View Post
            I think Swim should not be allowed access to the PTR if he is going spend that time planning fun killing decks to release to his tween army day one.
            I want to be able to give 4-5 REDpoints to posts like this, not just one.

            If people use the PTR access to tinker 1 week in advance and show off "Look how clever I am ", they should not be given the access in the first place.

            Betatesters sign a NDA, after all, I did it as well.
            One clause might be "not be allowed to post decks in internet for 2 weeks after the patch release".
            Francesca says: "Squeez me ivelya".
            Any chance that "ivelya" is the ancient elven word for "breasts"?!


            • #51
              Just saying, swim isn't the only one among popular youtuber who did a video about that type of deck. That type of deck was super obvious, so it was only a matter of hours to days before it starts to spread heavily.

              Blame all those arriviste who ignored ST last patch because their decks were too hard to pilot and now all switched to it because it's simple to play and powerful.

              CDPR should keep ST as a hard to play (but good when well played) faction, it's part of its flavour and what is rewarding playing it, imo.


              • #52
                Ahhh when I was struggling against QG or discard SK people always tell me tech letho or whatever stuff in monster or NG card pool, while I'm asking for help for NR deck, so I'm about to do the same here.


                Seriously, I don't even feel how ST is making me struggle half like SK in last two patch.


                • #53
                  those who complain about ST probabluy never encoutered Nilfgard reveal or NR armor decks ....


                  • #54
                    Personally I'm a ST player, I'm not high ranked but I think my hidden MMR is around 3800-4000 based on the people I played vs in ranked at the end of last season.

                    Last season, my favourite deck was the Francesca Mulligan deck. Honestly, it was good fun! Had an answer to nearly everything, and could get that answer more reliably than other decks. I also dabbled with dwarves and spellatael, Dwarves I did enjoy with Eithne, spell I never really enjoyed (boring as shit).

                    Tried Stammeltael, obviously, the day it came out. Personally, I find that it's being massively overrated. For one thing, NR completely butchers the deck. It has really bad value in a situation where tremors doesn't kill anything.

                    Me personally though, I'm a ST player through and through. I'm now running what I consider a good counter deck to this deck, and it's actually working good so far. I've lost a few times with it, but honestly, that was mostly through misplays (and the first game I lost with it was because I still had Ithlinne in the deck, which wasn't that great). It's an Eithne dwarves deck.

                    Leader: Eithne
                    Golds: Saskia, Zoltan Chivay, Geralt: Igni, Vesemir (the one that gets an alchemy spell)
                    Silvers: Yarpen Zigrin, Barclay Els, Nature's Gift, Alzhur's Double Cross, Commander's Horn, Ida Emean
                    Bronze: Mahakam Marauder x3, Dwarven Agitator x2, Sage x3, Elven Merc x2, Thunderbolt Potion x3, Resilience Card x1 (forgot name, lol), Card that gives +2 to 6 random allies x1 (again, I forgot the name)

                    Not sure how competitive it is, remains to be seen. But it does seem to do good vs Stammel. The basic idea is to flood the board with Marauders, and go for a straight 2 rounds win (pass round 1 if losing and cannot gain advantage back). The amount of buffs you can do to the marauders is insane, and normally you end up with atleast 3 on the board. Stammel actually buffs the Marauders by one, and Weather is completely countered by them.

                    There is probably a few adjustments still to make. Not sure about the card that gives resilience yet, because resilience doesn't seem as strong. It's always great to start round 2 with a marauder or two though!


                    • #55
                      I'm a main-ST player and I'm also unhappy that the faction is so popular and easy to play. Am I happy that it's strong? Sure. But when something is too strong they nerf it to the ground.

                      Also the Stammelford ST is boring as hell to play.


                      • #56
                        Originally posted by Zefyris View Post
                        CDPR should keep ST as a hard to play (but good when well played) faction, it's part of its flavour and what is rewarding playing it, imo.
                        This. That's why i played them last season.

                        But this season decided to try Nilfgaard after i saw on the profile that i had only 1 victory with it.


                        • #57
                          My Scoiatel deck was always dominating, before that crappy patch -.- It had Hogg, Saskia, Yarpen, Zoltan who moves units and buffs them (great with blu mountains elves, and Saesenthesis. Look at GwentDB for HashBangFU, there is a variation of my deck and I pretty much steamrolled the meta decks. People who watch a guy and copy his dumb decks, which clones I beat on reguular basis, just are dumb, lazy and suck at this game
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                          • #58
                            I am having a blast with this thread hahaha I always used to play Eithne spell deck when feeling to have enough of the meta decks xD


                            • #59
                              If anything it just highlights how people are apt to flock to the most over powered thing. It has nothing to do with skill and everything to do with that instant gratification. It's pathetic really.


                              • #60
                                Okay, played new deck and against it. This is strong deck, but winrate is not that good as you all tell. It can be easily beaten by new NK hunters deck, Nilf spy and mill decks and even some variants of Skellige necromancers. So, this is not a patch problem, just meta will settle in d few days and there will be more various decks.