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Four leaked cards! + A Few More!

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  • Four leaked cards! + A Few More!

    Here are four new cards coming to GWENT in the next patch! Soon you will be able to meet Avallac'h: The Sage and Gedyneith Flaminica, use Hefty Helges during siege, and enjoy Mahakam Mead afterwards.

  • #2
    The the bear and the maiden fair!
    I love the art.

    I think I saw the last card somewhere else...


    • #3
      Originally posted by alkozera View Post
      ^ This card...


      • #4
        Well, that Mahakam Ale sure is leaking from the tankard.

        A Silver machine (presumably also Machine) that's for NG rather than NR? Hmm, could it be that the Empire is going to get some relevant synergy at some point?

        A new neutral Gold, too! Exciting.
        Can you see this? Yes?! But it was supposed to be invisible ink...
        Oh well, since you're reading this now I might as well show you a
        cool link.

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        • #5
          Well, I have 30 some, perhaps 60 some kegs till the patch hits, so... nice to look at those pictures now.

          Funny how NR is considered "The Machines" Faction, even have sort of an archetype and still they are yet to get at least one Silver or Gold Machine Card... aaaand NG beat them to that too, so, off with your heads, filthy Northlings!


          • #6
            Can't wait to start opening my kegs swarm. I've saved as many as 110 kegs!


            • #7
              Golds, huh? Nice. Glad I didn't waste scrap on crap.


              • #8
                I'd like to borrow that ballista for a moment. I have an idea of how to fix the problem of drivers not using their indicators.
                People always ask me, "What's in the box?" I get the question a lot. "Come on -- what's in the box!?" I won't tell them...but I'll tell you. Go on.
                You can see what's IN THE BOX!!!


                • #9
                  Yay, leeks!


                  Yay, leaks!

                  Now just to wait that we can see the abilities


                  • #10
                    Looks Good..

                    can't wait !


                    • #11
                      Damn i got just 15 kegs, need to stock on them, but then i got 50k+ scraps waitin for new cards


                      • #12
                        hey man thanks for news.


                        • #13
                          Originally posted by alkozera View Post
                          I seem to detect a slight change in art style for this one, or is it merely a different artist? In any case, for a sage, she certainly keeps in shape.

                          (Obligatory bear midriff pun.)

                          'Sorry, but smashing barrels is one of my hobbies!'

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                          • #14
                            it is me or they tried a different style of art from the previous cards? even the last 20 cards are different . i feel like the cards are darker ( at style)


                            • #15
                              Really digging the art on the first two cards especially.
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