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Kinda hoped the new patch was another game-changer like gold-immunity

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  • Kinda hoped the new patch was another game-changer like gold-immunity

    Don't get me wrong, this patch is great as a balance patch, also hopefully makes reveal viable (which is my favorite archtype since start).

    However, I'd hope end-of-season patch can be more than that...something like gold-immunity change that make the game a whole lot different, a balance patch is good, but probably not good enough for everyone excited and come back to try it out asap.

    Can't wait to see what all that agility is about tho, hopefully can see the goal of it before next season

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    The December update will probably be huge tbh. This one is just a lil tease (-:
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      I was hoping it would fix all/most of the golds the Gold Immunity update ruined. Alas, no dice.

      PS: Also, some lines have been redubbed and I hate it.
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        Yeah like maybe everything should just be agile but then maybe they'll use it to prevent certain card combos going together in the future? I could see that like card X, Y, Z becomes problematic, we'll just throw it all on the same row maybe so then it's weak against row stack?