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Is it just me or Nilfgaard is absolutely ridiculous right now?

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  • Is it just me or Nilfgaard is absolutely ridiculous right now?

    So, my opponent just pulled off something like this:

    1st card: 20 point swing
    2nd card: 16 point swing
    3rd card: 20 point swing
    4rd card: 14 point swing

    and on and on and on. Minimal to no setup.

    I'm sorry but what is this shite? Is this the new normal?

  • #2
    Is the new normal. I've lost all faith in CDPR delivering a reasonably balanced Gwent.


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      It would be nice to explain which cards the opponent has played and which cards (and interactions) you think are problematic instead of "this is shit, please nerf". Constructive criticism, please.


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        can someone explain me why the NG Combat Engineer now has "Crewman 1" Tag ?? For what ??
        For stolen NR Machines by Vico`s ??



        • #5
          The game became even less balanced. How do you think, could a SK-player compare to that? I am happy, if I get the right cards on my hand, playing them and KEEPING them is nearly impossible.
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            How about give it some time first and then decide or try the deck first by yourself. Some cards do sound crazy and will get patched and some are weaker than you think.


            • #7
              My main problem is that they're enforcing game mechanics and archetypes that are simply abusive and not fun to play against with such as reveal decks (not happy with revealing all the cards in our hand in a couple of rounds, now the opponent can also deal dmg and outright kill the cards without anything we can do), heavy remove decks such as spellatel and now the swordmaster, and the infamous NG milling deck.


              • #8
                I might be wrong, but Reveal looks quite overrated.

                So far I met guys who smugly set Cantarella to 1, or force you to play immediately a big revealed unit (to avoid the power drain), but in the end they lose against well-built proactive or control decks.
                The new guy is very situational, and if drawn in round 3 or when the enemy has no revealed cards (or nothing high-value) it's so dead that you wish the enemy had used The Guardian on you.
                Francesca says: "Squeez me ivelya".
                Any chance that "ivelya" is the ancient elven word for "breasts"?!


                • #9
                  I dont understand the logic about that new revealing unit and old Serrit.
                  i dont understand that new Sc damaging unit and old Braenn (its new ability makes no sence).
                  I dont understand gwent no more.


                  • #10
                    Originally posted by Checco515 View Post
                    I might be wrong, but Reveal looks quite overrated.
                    It seems powerful now, but I think we should give it time to see how it plays out.

                    The problem is how inconsistent the balancing has been. Devs: "No more 22 point woodland spirit", hello 20 point Morvran Voorhis.


                    • #11
                      Only time will tell how good the factions really are, but it wouldn't surprise me if NG will dominate the ladder soon. I don't think reveal will be that good, but the additon of venendal elite+canteralla to NG spy, which was alread top tier, worries me.


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                        Originally posted by 4RM3D View Post
                        It would be nice to explain which cards the opponent has played and which cards (and interactions) you think are problematic instead of "this is shit, please nerf". Constructive criticism, please.
                        I deliberatly chose to withold the details because I find it so monumentally ridiculous that it really doesn't matter. We are talking about the 4 first cards of the game. But fair enough, I'll try to remember as accurately as possible.

                        1st card: Morvran Voorhis -> pulls Imperial Golems and Daerlan Foot Soldier. I don't remember exactly how many of each, but the total tally was 20 points. And here I thought that harpies had been changed because "no more 21 point swings".
                        2nd card: Alchemist -> reveals two fire scorpions. 8 points plus the scorpions kill my Yarpen Zigrin. 15 point swing (initially I had wrongly stated 16 point swing) plus shuts down a critical card in my deck.
                        3rd card: Venedal elite -> Copies the power of my Schirru. 19 point swing (initially I had stated wrongly 20 point swing). It is worth noting here that there is shite you can do against this.
                        4rd card: If I remember correctly, another Venedal elite for 14 point swing, but I might be wrong.

                        At this point I pass because why the fukc bother.

                        Venedal elite looks right now like "wtf were you guys thinking". In combination with Cynthia it can be absolutely devastating and there is nothing you can do to avoid it, even if you see it coming.

                        Finally, I didn't call for a nerf in my initial post, but goddamit if I won't call for it now.


                        • #13
                          The people who make this game always make one faction obscenely unbalanced every update, it's like they get sick kicks out hearing people cry and complain.


                          • #14

                            The reveal archetype was never viable enough to survive the ranks. That's why it was logical to buff the archetype. What CDPR did was introducing a new card (Venendal Elite) and buffing Alchemist. This alone rejuvenated the archetype. Sure, when all the stars are aligned properly, the deck can be devastating. But on average, it's not quite as easy.

                            Morvran with Golems and Foot Soldiers requires a very precise mulligan, something you cannot reliably pull off. Incidentally, this part hasn't changed in the latest patch. But because people are suddenly playing more reveal, Morvran's power is once again brought to light.

                            The Alchemist buff might have been a bit too much. Time will tell.

                            As for Venendal Elite, I've already talked about this in another thread. The window of opportunity to effectively use the unit is pretty small. Sure, when you get Cynthia/Cantarella or have a good reveal on the opponent Venendal Elite finds quite a lot of value. But at the same time you can be unlucky and are stuck with a card with low strength. That's why running three of these cards might be too much. Using one or two at the right moment can be very strong.


                            • #15
                              I just played NG reveal against SK restore and restore still unmatched. SK restore is stupidly efficient. Reveal is quiet luck-dependent on what you reveal. If it's harpooners then you probably win by using those Venendal suckers, if not then pray that your opponent had a bad draw.