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Xarthisius question

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  • Xarthisius question

    When you play this gold unit, cards in opponent´s deck are displayed in the order they are going to be drawn?

    Next, what effects are in the game that allow you to shuffle your deck, thus neglecting Xarthisius or The Guardian effects?
    Last edited by Eliadann; 04-11-17, 18:40.

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    I know Dandelion shuffles the deck; I suspect there are others


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      King Bran for starters so make sure to use it after he plays Bran, which is usually his opening play.


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        I'm going to build a Xarthisius, Gaunter, and Guardian draw deck at some point just to see if it works well enough to use.

        I think discard and mulligan decks might have an easier time working around the guardian.


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          No, when you play xarthisius you see your opponent's cards in a randomized order, not the one he'll be drawing by.


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            Originally posted by Skryba86 View Post
            No, when you play xarthisius you see your opponent's cards in a randomized order, not the one he'll be drawing by.
            Sad news. This decreases card´s utility


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              Originally posted by Eliadann View Post
              ... This decreases card´s utility
              Well, this is one of the reasons no one plays him. And still he was one of the more ranted about cards when he was changed.
              Last edited by partci; 05-11-17, 12:29.


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                I did have a Xarthisius, Gaunter, Guardian deck (plus other cards that see opponent's deck), but i deleted it this patch after 5 losses in a row. Maybe it was bad luck and not the deck's quality, but i wanted to try new decks anyway.

                Also, careful with Reinforcement (NR silver), Nature's Gift (SC) and Marching Orders. I've been screwed by those cards, putting dangerous golds and silvers on the bottom of their deck, only for them to be summoned with those cards anyway...


                • #9
                  I think it's main purpose is to see your opponents deck so you can set your game up accordingly.

                  Nice to use in R1 opening and R2 when your opponent drypasses but totally useless against mulligan, spelleithne, mill, many NR setups and basically any deck that runs Royal Decree. Only useful way is to send an effective silver (like Morvudd) to the bottom (or hope your opponent has all their golds in deck so you can put a critical one like royal decree/geels/renew to the bottom)
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