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When will the Game come out?

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  • When will the Game come out?

    I've been playing Gwent since CB and it's is/was my favourite - the game I spent most hours playing even though I've no shortage of AAA titles. But it's been honestly getting stale. I used to play for hours. nowadays it's 2-3 games max then I get bored of it. Please release the game by the end of this year and Unless you guys add a shit ton of content, your loyal fans won't be playing it as much since the beta has dragged on for damn long. Just release the game already. I don't care if it's not F2P. Personally I'm willing to pay the same amount as an AAA title costs - which isn't much considering how much I've spent on Kegs.

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    From the FAQ:
    When does the beta end? What’s the release date of GWENT 1.0?
    We plan to go out of beta when the game is feature-rich, polished and sufficiently tested. But we don’t plan on stopping there. Following the release of GWENT 1.0, which we will consider the first out-of-beta version, the game is going to be continuously updated with new features and cards.
    Yes, I know that's only half an answer, but it's probably all players can expect, for the time being.
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