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New Mechanic : Trapped

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  • New Mechanic : Trapped

    I did mention this in card suggestions a little while back but to no avail.

    Trapped would be a toggle status like Lock & Resilience, but would not be broken by a lock.

    Trapped: Unit cannot be moved from it's current row.

    Strength: 5
    Faction: Monsters
    Row: Ranged
    Rarity: Bronze

    Deploy: Toggle a unit's Trapped status and Damage them by 2.

    Arachnomorph Colossi
    Strength: 9
    Faction: Monsters
    Row: Agile
    Rarity: Silver

    Deploy: Weaken all Trapped enemies by 2.

    Can anyone think of any other potential units for other factions that would work with this mechanic?

  • #2
    Wait, so besides having locks, you also want cards with super-locks? That will only add unnecessary complexity. Besides, there would be no real use case for such a mechanic.


    • #3
      Not a super lock, just that the trapped status won't break if the unit gets locked.

      You could use the trapped status offensively or defensively, but I see the mechanic working better the more cards that are introduced that work with it. Possibly the trapped status could also be seen as a way of making targets more vulnerable, maybe damage is increased by 1 against trapped targets? Who know?

      This thread is meant as food for thought, and a place for ideas.


      • #4
        Originally posted by 4RM3D View Post
        Wait, so besides having locks, you also want cards with super-locks? That will only add unnecessary complexity. Besides, there would be no real use case for such a mechanic.
        I don't think he meant "trapped" equals "lock but can't be unlocked". I think what he meant was simply a new token, that makes the unit unable of being moved. And by adding the 2nd unit he intends to built some synergies for it. I do see how this could benefit monster weather, but honestly I do not think this is well thought out. Seeing as Scoiatel move decks are already garbage, these cards would single-handedly destroy every move deck out there.


        • #5
          Ah, I see. In that case there is still very little incentive to use such cards. Remember Quen Sign? A card that almost no one uses. Trapped cards would fall into the same category.


          • #6
            Well, a Geralt: Yrden (or just Yrden Sign) would naturally work with this mechanic.

            It's a cool idea, but since there isn't much movement yet, it would be kind of pointless. The cards would mostly just be used for the damage/weaken, I think. Perhaps in the future, if movement becomes more of a mechanic?


            • #7
              Is there something else that trapping a unit could do that would make the mechanic more interesting?

              I suggested before that maybe trapped units would be more vulnerable therefore take increased damage from all sources. Or they could take 2 damage when they would be moved? This would give Scoia'tael more options if they had a trapping card of their own?


              • #8
                a mechanic that makes cards no be able to move sounds useless , but if it existed it would work well as a faction arc type instead of a neutral.
                that will force the devs to make cards for the arc type therefore more synergy but honestly it sounds worse than malign .


                • #9
                  With all the movement we got lately i was thinking if this game should have an anti-movement mechanic aswell.

                  An example that i thought about was from Duel of Champions which had the "Anchored" effect (or Hypnotize against enemies) which made a unit immune to movement effects (both friendly and enemy) AND effects that caused the unit to leave the battleground, such as Milva, Pavetta or Emhyr.

                  What do you think?


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                    Iuliandrei Thread merged due to similar nature of suggestions.