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Northern Realms is Ridiculous

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  • Northern Realms is Ridiculous

    Hello.... I think NR is now same as it was in CB at start.

    Tempo - YES
    Resurrection - YES
    Offensive Units - YES
    Damage Safety - YES
    Weather Safety - YES
    High Strength Cards - YES
    Deck Thinning - YES
    Last Round Finisher - YES

    I have no idea why so many cards are having armor & on that par turn ticking abilities. 1st of all its already hard to remove NR cards from board & on that most of the cards buffing each other continuously :/
    Thant shani pulling stennis combo is :/ & if not shani no worries Dijkstra is there :/ Seriously NR is going horrible at this time. One card at last round making 25+ strength on board.

    Please don't add armor to every unit as well don't make every unit buff other units rather add give +1 armor to card in your right something like that. I am not sure as this is just a quick suggestion but do something about it.
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    Please try not to add any passive abilities on any bronze for any faction as bronze card limit is 3 & passive abilities on them is trouble. Bronze abilities should work if something happens. Such passive abilities are good for silver & gold as limit of these cards are 1.


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      Every 2nd match is against NR.. fking tired now. Enough of this idiotic unbalance game :/


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        Bronze in this meta is ridiculous OP. Fighting against NR over and over. Almost every games now end with merigold's Hailstorm that everyone put in their deck. It's so repetitive and boring. I missed gwent before this patch already.