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Some Wild Hunt suggestions...again:D

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  • Some Wild Hunt suggestions...again:D

    I know i said in a previous post that the Rider's ability should change but with the current meta and synergies,i see i was wrong,they are in a good spot BUT i see the warriors and navigators don't see much play because the riders synergize better with drowners and slyzards.So with that in mind,my suggestions are:
    1.Give the drawner's ability to the warriors because moving a unit to a row affected by frost is more valuable than what they have now.
    2.Give the navigators the ability to also bring out units from hand (but leave the board thing as well).This way we don't have to risk the unit that we wan't to bring out from the deck and if it gets killed to render the navigator useless.
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    I had originally planned to make my own thread regarding the current state of the Wild Hunt, but I'll piggyback off this since the thread is so similar. It's pretty clear they need a revamp to be on par with the other decks, with this most apparent ironically during a season with Wild Hunt themed titles, borders, and Eredin himself as an avatar. The weakness at this point is that it needs more viable bronze cards in order to increase the utility of cards like navigator, as well as alternatives to Iris, with whom it is currently almost impossible to win without having in your deck. The last bronze card they got was the longship and its use is pretty limited. They're also in desperate need of the ability to reset a boosted unit. So I'm going to split this into changes I think would benefit a Wild Hunt deck and new card suggestions all based on lore that fit the role they seem to serve: wearing down the enemy gradually with attrition while thriving in frost.

    -Lower longship strength to 6. Locking or destroying it does not remove this boost.
    -No need to give the drowner ability to the warrior, but maybe have the bonus proc if they attack into frost AND kill the enemy. So killing an enemy in frost would give +4.
    -Change Imlerith to completely destroy a unit in frost. Lower Strength to 8.
    -Give rider 2 armor. Lower Strength to 8.

    New Cards:


    Wild Hunt Slaver- The Wild Hunt was created first and foremost to collect slaves in other dimensions. This would be a 2 strength unit with the lock ability that deals 1 damage.

    Wild Hunt Wraith/Specter- During their raids, the Wild Hunt used vision projections to appear more spectral and intimidating. These would be 7 strength and gain 1 strength (not boosted) each round if frost is on the opposite side of the board.

    Aen Elle Royal Cupbearer-Eredin had the former king of the Aen Elle assassinated via poison. These would be 5 strength and work the opposite of the Vrihedd Dragoons, damaging one random unit in an opponent's hand by 1 each round. Can't destroy a unit in this manner.

    Aen Elle Unicorn Hunter-Before invading other realms, the Aen Elle had a war with unicorns in their realm (I cannot make this stuff up). These would be 5 strength, move a unit to this row on its side like the drowner, and damage it by 3. Increase damage dealt by 1 for each damaged enemy unit already on the row.


    Naglfar-Eredin's ship. This would have 9 strength with 2 armor. Start on a 1 turn cooldown, boosting all wild hunt units on your side of the board by 2 when activated. This is my Wild Hunt alernative to Iris.

    Apiarian Phantom-The named Wild Hunt Hound from the Witcher Contract. This would be 7 Strength and reset a unit. If that unit is under frost, reset a second unit.


    Auberon Muircetach - The King of the Aene Elle before he was assassinated by Eredin via poison. He would be 6 strength and spawn a poisoned cup (same effect as Foul Ale) into your opponent's hand.

    Avallac'h (Wild Hunt)- Once an instrumental member of Eredin's inner circle, responsible for research into Elder blood and creating the Wild Hunt navigators. He would be a Strength spy and allow you to play one bronze Wild Hunt unit from your deck. Repeat this ability whenever a Wild Hunt Officer (Eredin, Caranthir, Ge'els, Nithral, Imlerith, Auberon, or Wild Hunt Geralt) is played.

    Geralt (Wild Hunt)-Geralt rode with the Wild Hunt for years, described by Eredin as his best warrior. This would be 5 strength and reset a boosted unit, then damage another unit by the lost power.

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      I love your suggestions tbh...you clearly put a lot of thought into this.I thought about making the Nagalfar a thing as well but i imagined the effect as "apply frost to all 3 rows".As for it's power i imagined it a 9-10 as well.

      I also like the idea of adding armor to some units.Monster faction lacks any armored units,this would be a good start.

      The Imlerith suggestion is also a good one especially since that was always my favorite card in the game .

      I also think Caranthir is in desperate need of a buff.I thought the effect of moving 3 units was ok but apparently it was too much so...not sure what else he should get.

      While i like your suggestions for new cards i dubt they'll make so many wild hunt cards...that's why i suggested the Warrior and Navigator rework so that even though we have few cards,they would synergize so well we don't need more but if they add more cards with those effects,i'm totally ok with the warriors the way they are.


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        P.S. The slaver idea is a bit much actually...a bronze card with the ability to lock is too much even with that power.


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          Nagalfar applying frost to all rows is basically just drought and I think the deck already has enough frost application with Caranthir, Hounds, and White Frost. What they need is a faction buff alternative to Iris, which I think the ship would serve well. Caranthir probably needs a slight buff, but I'd say just add an additional effect rather than increasing him to moving 3. Maybe give him the ability the riders have as well, increasing the frost damage to +1. That, or maybe letting him reset or lock the moved unit and dropping his strength. Or add a new "frozen" mechanic that locks the moved enemy and prevents them from being moved again.

          I figured compared to some other bronze cards, the slaver is fine. NR has the witch hunters, which reset and can spawn additional witch hunters. Elves have those swordmasters for insane damage. Consume decks have the nekkers. I think a low power card that locks would serve the wild hunt well. Maybe lower them to 1 strength and remove the damage. If I got rid of them, I'd just change the Apiarian Phantom to lock instead of reset, then lock again if the opponent is under frost, kind of like Radovid but without the damage and with the additional requirement of frost to double lock. That seems balanced for a silver.
          Last edited by Zack723; 08-11-17, 06:56.


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            Well of course it would be good but the point is the lock ability seems like something very...rare.Each faction has only 1 card with that ability (NR has 2 cards with Radovid) and each card is a silver so a bronze with lock seems a bit much.I think if they make that a thing all monster decks would use it.It would be an auto include and that's not a good thing.Maybe make it WH specific because WH can't get to those insane nrs like consume decks for example.Smth like "if you have a WH unit in your hand / board / graveyard lock a unit"


            • #7
              Adding a requirement for it to activate it is a great idea for balance. Maybe alter it so you can only lock a unit under frost on the opposite row. That would play into the Wild Hunt theme. Your requirement to have another WH unit in your hand/board/graveyard works too. WH just needs a lock unit that isn't Morvudd. Also, while rare, the other lock units always come with an additional ability. The Skellige lock card moves a card between graveyards, Morvudd cuts health in half, Rodovid locks 2 and damages them both by 4, the ST lock card moved a unit to another row, and the Nilf one locks 2 and damages them both by 1. Compared to this, the WH getting a low strength locking bronze would be fairly balanced if done right. They don't have the power of a consume deck, so need to be able to mess with the other side of the board to thrive.


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                I just found another ability that is a must have in a WH deck and that's Jotunn's.Nithral's ability is good but it's not a must have like Jotunn's so my suggestion is switch them.

                CDPR please just make this changes happen so that we can finally have a viable WH deck...just this few changes could make the WH a viable deck till future cards (i think Zack had some very good suggestions) but until then,just do this changes:

                1.Give Jotunn's ability to Nithral
                2.Give Drowner's ability to WH Warriors
                3.Buff the navigators so that they can target units from had as well as board.
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                  I've actually had a lot of success with Nithral in my WH decks. He's great for removing pesky units and essentially a free Alzur's thunder but with point value. To make him more viable I'd just increase his strength from 5 to 7, as a 12-14 point value is more in line with other silvers rather than 10-12 . I don't see any reason to give him Jotunn's ability. My Unicorn Hunter idea should fix the issue of lack of movement abilities. The problem with WH is that it needs more viable cards for Navigator to target. Allowing the Navigator to pick any bronze WH card in the deck would be a bit OP for a bronze.


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                    Well your Hunter suggestion would replace the drowners but Jotunn would still be a must have in the WH deck.And i have no cards in my deck that i'd rather replace for Nithral because there are other silvers that are way better.

                    Plus the hunter is a bronze card.I was thinking about making Nithral a must pic in a WH deck rather than Jotunn.As i said Jotunn's ability is way more essential to the deck than Nithral's and that's why i don't even have Nithral atm in my deck.

                    And i didn't say that it should pick ANY unit.The navigator should stay the way it is but instead of only targeting units from the board,it should also target them from hand.For example:if you have 1 hound,1 warrior and 1 rider in hand then instead of putting the unit on the board first (and risking it getting killed,therefore making the navigator useless in that situation) it should be able to target that unit straight from your hand.


                    • #11
                      Ok i made some adjustments to my deck and turns out you were right.Nithral is in a good spot as well,he doesn't need Jotunn's ability.

                      But i still think the drowner's ability should go to the warriors because,while your idea with the hunter is good,the drowner would still be better because it can also move a unit on your side of the board.That helps in some scenarios with the riders.


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                        I really think the warriors would be a lot more viable if you just made each prerequisite trigger the +2. So killing an enemy in frost would result in a 10 point bronze and a 13 point power shift. The drowner by comparison allows for an 11 point power shift if it moves an enemy into weather, 13 if you count the weather triggering on the next round. This would make the two basically equal, with the warrior superior if a unit is already in frost and the drowner superior if it isn't. The important thing would be that both are viable in this regard.

                        At the end of the day WH just needs additional bronze cards to allow the navigator and eredin himself more options for spawns and the deck more strategic options than simply spamming frost. Movement options (with my unicorn hunters), reset options (aperian phantom), buff options (WH specter), debuff options (cupbearers) and lock options (slavers) would fix most if not all of these issues and really give a full WH deck synergy in the same way other decks have (spy decks, consume decks, elf decks, dwarf decks, armor decks, cursed decks, etc).

                        Also Imlerith really needs to outright kill a unit in frost in the same way Menno Coehoorn kills a spying unit. They both require the same amount of setup with a bronze card ( potentially 2 in the case of WH with the hound and frost) and weather has far more counters than turning your highest power unit into a spy, so the viability difference between the two is puzzling.


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                          I like many ideas I read here.

                          Imlerith similar to Menno being the one I find the best, WH desperately needs a big tempo swing.

                          WH Rider is better with 9 Str than 8 Str 2 armor, now that Muzzle is a thing .
                          Francesca says: "Squeez me ivelya".
                          Any chance that "ivelya" is the ancient elven word for "breasts"?!


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                            Zack you're right about drowners and warriors being equal in terms of points but i find moving a unit into a row affected by frost more valuable than the boost the warrior gets for simply hitting a unit in a frost row.Guess we'll have to wait and see what the devs have planned for the WH decks.

                            Checco i didn't even think about muzzle yeah you're right,better they remain a 9.But some armor wouldn't hurt...i think

                            P.S. Actually the drowners are still a bit better because they can also move units on your side of the row if needed so they have a bit of an advantage over the warriors in that regard.
                            Last edited by KaynOfNosgoth; 15-11-17, 22:27.


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                              Good call with leaving riders at 9 Checco! I had completely forgotten about Muzzle. I know it's a lore nitpick, but it's just weird to me that none of the WH folks have armor. Maybe have Naglfar give 1 or 2 armor to all WH units as well as a 2 point power boost. I think that'd be fair considering I gave it a 1 turn countdown to activate.

                              Drowners have been regarded as fair OP for a while, so I think hoping for any card to be as viable as them might be unrealistic. The trick is to make the warriors more useful in a deck devoted the the WH for the sake of synergy. I think cards I think existing cards like Eredin and Navigator along with ones I suggested suggested like Naglfar and Avallac'h (Wild Hunt) would make Warriors the better choice over Drowners if they make the change to grant +4 for killing a unit in frost.