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Exact Gwent Tournament Dates

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  • Exact Gwent Tournament Dates

    Hi everyone and CDPR,

    Are we going to be able to attend all of the tournaments, whether Open or Challanger, as an audience or you guys planning to make some of them only behind the doors?

    Thanks for the detailed schedule on masters.playgwent.com; however since the dates on the website only indicate event months (November, December, April etc.), it's unfortunately not possible to make any detailed plans for those who want to attend as a viewer.

    When can someone expect to see the exact date of a tournament? Might certainly be useful information for those reside outside the event location since travel dates, tickets etc. need to be planned in advance.
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    Blackworms thread moved to GWENT MASTERS sub-forum. The dates are listed here - https://masters.playgwent.com/en/.
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