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    Join us live on Sunday, December 17th, for developers stream with Paweł Burza and Michał "Luigi" Dobrowolski!

    We'll be streaming live from the Moszna Castle, venue of GWENT Challenger #2, right after the Semifinals (and before the Grand Final!). We'll be talking about all the changes coming in the next update so don't miss it!

    Link to the stream: twitch.tv/cdprojektred

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      Hmm... is that image a hint about what's coming in the stream?

      I'll definitely be there!
      Can you see this? Yes?! But it was supposed to be invisible ink...
      Oh well, since you're reading this now I might as well show you a
      cool link.


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        Originally posted by RidiculousName View Post
        Hmm... is that image a hint about what's coming in the stream?
        Rather hairy transformations? Very possibly. Pawel and Luigi will likely change into werewolves before our very eyes.
        'Sorry, but smashing barrels is one of my hobbies!'

        Forewarned is forearmed. Therefore, to reduce chances of random encounters with the Guards, please, be acquainted with and follow the Forums' Regulations. Thank you.


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          Will probably announce the specific date for the update, most likely early next week!

          And they'll reveal the final new cards, hope some good ones come for SK.


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            Hmm... Full moon and werewolf (?) in the picture, streamed from the castle... Definitely a steam that I want to see! : )


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              Jesus christ! Show us Some Scoia tael! Its insanely obvious you Guys totally demolished this entire faction but im looking at the developer stream now and they are obviously ignoring scoia tael. Ive already seen 7+ cards of Every faction and nothing scoia tael. Except this falafel something.What the hell is up with the current state of scoia tael?? All other faction seem to become extremely strong while Every new ST card is just meh or just plein useless. And why are the developers not wasting a single word or card if this faction? Its an already destroyed faction. Comon show st Some love!
              Last edited by BartjeBink; 17-12-17, 20:40.


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                Is this becoming more HS?, someone made a thread about this and the stream confirms it.


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                  The new UI for redrawing cards looks awful. Huge visual step back. Just an ordinary, boring board... Please bring back old one. Looks 100 times better than this crap...


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                    Oh God... Don't redo the UI! The deck builder there is now is the best thing ever. I was joking with my mates saying "inc. more spawn cards". Well unfortunately I was right lol. And on top of that more HS cards is being added and I just spend money on this game. Didn't think they could fukk up that much in one patch but apparently that's what they did. They had such a great game with the rows and just how the game is played in general but it's losing its current identity completely.
                    It's time for me to move on, I guess. Back to tabletop magic with my mates - that doesn't sound that bad anyway, does it?


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                      As a friend said, now Gwent has a rather unpleasant hHS aftertaste. And at HS it's usually the randoms decks that are competitive ... this update is a joke in regard of the reputation of the witchers saga, it's unbelievable....I'm scared about cyberpunk 2077. I wanted to buy the thronebreaker expansion but in the current state I would not give a cent for a game I'm not sure of staying on. Or maybe create my own Collection card game XD

                      Now for Gwent, the time to make a good game is past, is now time to make money, money !
                      Last edited by Arisker; 17-12-17, 21:12.


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                        The new UI looks terrible and childish. I dislike literally everything of it, the movements, the look of the board and cards, the mulligan, the numbers of the damage done etc etc. Is it possible to chose the old UI in the settings? Or disable the damage numbers etc? Because this really bothers me, the current UI is perfect in my opinion.

                        Don't like the fact that triplets are removed either. What's even the reason for it? Really liked the fact that I can add my own variation od the triplets and now that awesome choice is actually taken away from us. Not a healthy thing.

                        All in all very dissappointed, just ruined everything for me. Thanks for the effort though.


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                          Grand finale. Again noone plays scoia tael. RIP scoia.


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                            2 Common cards, from 109, come on guys.

                            You should knock more of the half new Rares to Commons.

                            Also why some factions now have more leaders than others, Monsters 5, Skellige 3 makes no sense.

                            I am also not sold on UI, collection/builder combining it is good idea but that board with small square cards is plain ugly.

                            Mulligan UI had some problems with scrolls and so, but that wasn't so bad to warrant complete overhaul of everything.


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                              Unseen Elder is replaced by the Arachas Queen and Skellige will have a new leader, who wasn't showcased because he is still unfinished. From what we have seen so far, it will be a spawn leader for sure. My bet would be spawn a bronze or silver item.