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  • Pruny bojerbela Oh, joy...


    • Open kegs, yay or nay?


      • Originally posted by Wellspring View Post
        Are the patch notes posted anywhere, besides in-game? At work and wanted to read about the changes.
        Under patch changes it says:

        Create no longer can make a card advantage spy

        That's it

        Under bug fixes there's a larger list including abuse of reconnacence in Ciri Nova, Emhyr and a couple of others

        On playing the game:
        Slave infantry has become doomed
        There's a bug where that nilfgard silver that created a soldier or officer has been promoted to a leader

        edit: patch note https://forums.cdprojektred.com/foru...d-are-now-live


        • Originally posted by hydra66 View Post
          ... Slave infantry has become doomed...
          Why? I mean, WHY!!?

          Than the BEASTMASTERS are not Doomed?

          This is preposterous.

          I'm actually enraged of this one.

          So Burza had said on twitter that it's a bug and they are Doomed right now, but it will be fixed.

          How, I mean, HOW you actually do this kind of bugs?
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          • I got my lost keg back. Thanks.


            • I still wait for mine, no respond from support yet, they busy prob, no prob i can wait


              • Originally posted by partci View Post

                How, I mean, HOW you actually do this kind of bugs?
                I wouldn't be surprised if they intended to just have the infantry they spawn as doomed (same as the PFI were) so the GY wasn't full of slave infantry. Buuuut. Something went wrong.

                Sucks because I wanted to make a slave spam deck today but guess I'll have to wait xD