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Challenger #3 is right around the corner

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  • Challenger #3 is right around the corner

    Our journey into the Scoia’tael hideout in the incredible “Wieliczka” Salt Mine begins this weekend, on April 28-29th, at 4 PM CEST!

    Join the adventure on our official Twitch and YouTube channels and witness 8 of the best GWENT adepts battle it out for the 100.000 USD prize pool, Challenger’s winner title and ring, and a spot in the GWENT World Masters tournament.

    As we venture through the salt mine, guiding us will be a company of your favourite heroes: Panda, McBeard, MegaMogwai and Merchant, joined by Swim, Jaggerous and Jesse Cox.

    Throughout our journey you will be also able to claim some new Twitch Drops! You can learn more about them here.

    You will be also able to follow the Scoia’tael squad on dedicated Polish, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese and Chinese streams – live on Twitch (PL), VK (RU), Twitch and Facebook (PT-BR) and Panda.tv, Douyu, and Huya (CN).

    Get ready for the adventure, and tag along! See you there!
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  • #2
    Great! Hope champions will not "salted" :V


    • #3
      at least in tournament you can ban Brouver cleaver spy abuse abomination.


      • #4
        This meeting is the same as the circle activity of the university.
        CDPR seems to have no sense of shame.


        • #5
          Boring... No brilliant plays except freddy's killing cows for harpy. All other match results r decided by draws only :/

          Jaggerous is good though, She's so damn cute. Loved Her.


          • #6
            Originally posted by l_WHIT3WOLF_l View Post
            All other match results r decided by draws only :/
            Saw some of the last matches and all were decided by whom got the best draws.


            • #7
              Originally posted by Laveley View Post

              Saw some of the last matches and all were decided by whom got the best draws.
              yehh & it seems players right hand chair was quite lucky as all 4 winners are from same chair


              • #8
                All Monsters Match was BRILLANT
                Freddybabes SWARM

                Tailbot DAGON Consume

                Adzikov Dagon NOVA DEATHWISH