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Wild Card wins the first GWENT Open

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  • Wild Card wins the first GWENT Open

    We’re proud to announce the winner of the first ever GWENT Open tournament - Elias “Shaggy” Sagmeister!

    GWENT Open tournament took place at this year’s gamescom in Cologne, Germany. Players participating in the tournament were fighting for pieces of a $25,000 prize pool and Crown Points, awarded for achievements during GWENT Masters and used to determine participants in official events of GWENT’s esports series. Both finalists of the gamescom GWENT Open would also secure a spot in the upcoming GWENT Challenger tournament, set to take place in December.

    Shaggy was the tournament’s Wild Card player, determined via the Wild Card Qualifiers held on-site at the GWENT booth a day prior to the main event. In it, 8 players who signed up to participate in GWENT Open, but did not place in the top 7 of the rankings when signups closed on August 1st, battled for the final spot in the tournament.

    The main event began on Friday, August 25th, with 4 quarterfinal matches held to decide who would advance to the semifinals on Saturday, August 26th. Following a series of intense matches, the grand final of the tournament saw Elias “Shaggy” Sagmeister face off against Magnus “J0rah” Botscher. Their duel ended in a 3:0 victory for Shaggy, who finished the tournament winning a total of $11,250. The final standings are as follows:

    Elias “Shaggy” Sagmeister (Austria) — $11,250
    Magnus “J0rah” Botscher (Germany) — $3,550

    Jan “SuperJJ” Janssen (Germany) — $2,800
    Maciej “Duofanel” Janik (Poland) — $2,350

    Evgeny “eiSloth” Androsik (Belarus) — $1,400
    Ze Hua “Hanachann” Zhao (China) — $1,400
    Leandro “Lea92Fra” Franci (Italy) — $1,250
    Marton “ChaiNCalleR” Magi (Hungary) — $1,000

    You can watch the recording of the tournament on the official CD PROJEKT RED Twitch channel.

  • #2
    More interested in their Factions/Leaders than their earnings, actually.


    • #3
      There's a video ? Lol

      Was a pretty good set of games.
      I haven't watched it yet in its entirety. .was too busy fighting axemen all weekend

      But Cool as usual

      Thank Yous


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        Does anyone have a link to decks players used in the masters? Just out of curiosity on some of them (that are completely screwed by the patch)


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          Originally posted by Hovgaard View Post
          More interested in their Factions/Leaders than their earnings, actually.