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Adjustments to the Pro Ladder ranking page

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  • Adjustments to the Pro Ladder ranking page

    Dear Gamers,

    If you visited the Rankings page on the GWENT Masters website today, chances are you’ve noticed we’ve made some visual adjustments to how the overall and faction MMRs are displayed in the Pro Ladder section. With the aim of providing you with more comprehensive information, we’ve also introduced a new statistic on the Rankings page — current faction MMR, which is being displayed in addition to the peak faction MMR scores.

    An example showcasing the new look of Pro Ladder Rankings, as well as providing an overview of what’s what is available below.

    GWENT Team

    Last edited by Dominika; 13-09-17, 18:14.

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    Nice, now it's clear.


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      Originally posted by Dominika View Post
      I am really interested to know how is fMMR Real score calculated, how much is gained for the win and lost after a loss, and does that number vary depending on yours or opponents current or highest fMMR or MMR.

      I already asked bunch of times, and I would really appreciate the answer.