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First episode of Play of the Month is here!

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  • First episode of Play of the Month is here!

    Over the last month we’ve received dozens of amazing GWENT plays (and equally amazing misplays) from gamers all over the world. Check out the best of them in the first episode of Play of the Month!

    Play of the Month will return… well, next month, so don’t forget to head over to our POTM website and send us your videos!
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    Nice griffins


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      August was clearly the ping-pong month in Gwent.

      1st place entry definitely deserved the win.
      Can you see this? Yes?! But it was supposed to be invisible ink...
      Oh well, since you're reading this now I might as well show you a
      cool link.

      I was formerly known as RidiculousName, in case you're wondering.


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        Originally posted by Kingoko View Post
        Nice griffins
        dunno why it was so special... i'd have given the first place to the special mention. Dat triple +40 units removal was insane!