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[UPDATED] Announcing GWENT Challenger Qualifiers

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  • [UPDATED] Announcing GWENT Challenger Qualifiers

    As promised, the details of the GWENT Challenger online qualifiers are here! The tournament will take place on November 11th-12th, 2017 at 12pm CET, and will determine who will join the lineup of the upcoming GWENT Challenger to be held in Poland.

    Top 200 players of the first Pro Ladder season (ending October 31st), who haven’t yet qualified for the upcoming Challenger, will be eligible to take part in the tournament. For its duration, eligible PS4 and Xbox players will receive special PC accounts from CD PROJEKT RED. The qualifiers will be carried out via StriveWire.

    Shortly after October 31st we will contact all candidates via email – make sure to check your email boxes, including the spam folders!

    Rules and format

    On the first day, players will compete in a Swiss system until 16 best players are determined.
    • Each participant must build at least 2 decks from at least 2 different factions.
    • All matches are best of three.
    • No two decks can be of the same faction.
    • Winning decks can’t be used to play another match, while losing ones may be used again or swapped out for another.
    • Players will be eliminated from the tournament after 3 losses.
    • Decks can be modified between matches.

    On the second day, 16 top players will compete in a double-elimination format.
    • All matches are best of five.
    • Each participant must build 4 decks from 4 different factions.
    • No two decks can be of the same faction.
    • Winning decks can’t be used to play another match, while losing ones may be used again or swapped out for another.
    • Decks cannot be modified between matches and must be submitted to the tournament admin 1 hour before the tournament.

    Players must not use trackers during the entirety of the tournament.

    Winners of both tournament brackets will qualify to the next GWENT Challenger, where they will have a chance to compete for Crown Point's, pieces of a $100,000 prize pool, the Challenger winner’s ring, and a spot in the GWENT World Masters. You can learn more about it here.
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  • #2
    Does this mean the "normal" ladder season won't end at the 31st of October and the next patch won't be released before the 5th of November? Wouldn't make sense to play this qualifier on a new patch. Disappointing....


    • #3
      BornBoring You are about half right, I think. The normal ladder will probably also end and we have a week without any ladder (like in the last patch). Then after the qualifiers, the patch is released. That's my educated guess.


      • #4
        Rafal Jaki said on Twitter "We don't know when the patch will be live so planning around that is not optimal.Also need as much time as possible to sort players travel."

        So we might still get it earlier (me hopes). I would love to see how people adapt on the go if the patch hits before 5 Nov.


        • #5
          Doubt we'll see a patch before everything is over with tbh.


          • #6
            Just one week till the 31th of october....would be nice to finally get some information.


            • #7
              After sharing the Challenger Qualifiers rules we talked with you and listened to your opinions, and we made a decision.

              The qualifiers will take place a week later than anticipated date, on November 11th-12th 2017, starting at 12pm CET. They will be carried out via StriveWire.

              On the first day players will still compete in a Swiss system until 16 best are determined, but all matches will be best of three.

              More details can be found in the updated first post of the thread.