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Play of the Month October 2017

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  • Play of the Month October 2017

    Here is another episode of Play of the Month! Check out the awesome October plays presented by our special guests:

    Don’t forget to visit playgwent.com/POTM and send us your videos – we have Kegs and Meteorite Powder waiting for the winners!
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    I was wondering when October's video was going to be uploaded.

    is one of my favourite cards, so it was awesome seeing him in one of these. Rather creative use, too.

    Any one of these could've gotten first place in my opinion. Great clips!
    Can you see this? Yes?! But it was supposed to be invisible ink...
    Oh well, since you're reading this now I might as well show you a
    cool link.

    I was formerly known as RidiculousName, in case you're wondering.


    • #3
      That double Dudu, though...


      • #4
        How the hell did the last one get those numbers?


        • #5
          Wow that double dude


          • #6
            Originally posted by Tiger_Eye View Post
            How the hell did the last one get those numbers?
            Judging by the board he probably played a triple or quadruple Fringilla combo starting with some high unit that was buffed by those ambassadors. I am guessing Tibor because he was obviously 2 cards down.
            Vran is obviously 2x the value of Cealach so that means he has eaten Tibor and Cahir/emyr who were still 160+ points each
            He probably took vran to shield from Gigni so not all units are same power. And Dudu is not really a card often seen.. let alone for double use. Still it does look like "one in a thousand" match...


            • #7
              Yeah, that double Dudu was pretty badass


              • #8
                Lesson of the month, never pass on the opponent who has won the first round


                • #9
                  Haha, that double Dudu was awesome Insane points in that round... whoa!