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GWENT SLAM #3 is coming this weekend!

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  • GWENT SLAM #3 is coming this weekend!

    The third edition of GWENT SLAM with a prize pool of $10 000 is happening this weekend, December 2nd-3rd!

    The tournament will be hosted by Ash and casted by McBeard, Merchant, Panda and MegaMogwai. You can watch the live stream of the event at twitch.tv/lifecoach1981.

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  • #2
    "What is a king to a god", make it a card, NOW .


    • #3
      Well if I don't have to look at the dude's swimming pool again I might just tune in!


      • #4
        Did he win that mansion from the Gwent Challenger

        PS: Gameking vs Dyuhaaa: Has there ever been a more fitting "You blind, greedy fool"?
        Last edited by quantum_number; 03-12-17, 19:03.


        • #5
          Tremendous games between Game King and Dyuhaaa. Really enjoyed this series, especially the last two games were insane with 45 points Igni and than that Scorch.


          • #6
            Yeah, interesting games yesterday. Game king did not seem as focused as usual, though.
            But in general, Dyuhaaa played a pretty strong tournament. Well deserved win.