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Arena Card Picker (handy tool for selecting the best cards)

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  • Arena Card Picker (handy tool for selecting the best cards)

    Thought I would share this for anyone that is interested in doing arena and needs a little help with picking the best cards.

    Thanks to Top Deck: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets...YtWMg/htmlview

  • #2
    Don't entirely agree with the ordering, but that's a hell of compilation with some goods notes.... worth the time reading


    • #3
      Just what we needed... the closest netdeckers can have to a netdeck: a guide to tell them what to do, since they obviously cant think for themselves...


      • #4
        Reading =/= not thinking.

        Certainly there's no blueprint for building Arena decks, nor is the list supposed to be one. Still some worthwhile stuff. Will read it when I have the time, but I'm concentrating on Constructed atm.