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The Fun part about Revealing

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  • The Fun part about Revealing

    Maybe it is just my distaste for "meta" decks in card games. I routinely have all of my hand revealed even half way through a game against Nilfgard. I believe this dynamic is a game breaker, pure and simple. In my humble opinion, this game's fun lies in the fact that you do not see each other's cards. It makes you plan multiple strategies, whereas when your entire hand is revealed, there is a more limited outcome between the players' interaction.
    If i were to see it my way, Emrys would be reduced to 2 cards revealed and one of their own. And for every 2 cards revealed in the opponents hand, one is revealed in the Nilfgard hand.
    i think this would force Nilfgard players to use card reveal abilities sparingly in their decks.
    Or, allow for neutral revealing cards. But, like I said before, the very philosophy is not fun (in my opinion. It's just feedback. Please don't flame). I do understand that there are plenty of players who would outrage to see it gone.

    To clearify, I don't have a huge issue beating Nilfgard. Or winning with them. Though, whether I am against Nilfgard or using it, the game becomes less fun with each card revealed.
    I appreciate what "meta" factions can do in CCGs, but sometimes I feel Nilfgard has gone way too far. Other dynamics about Nilfgard are able to be worked against or with for your favor. Revealing cards is a blatant break in every faction's archtypes. Even Nilfgard's. I would rather not see revealing in the game at all, but that attitude usually doesn't lead anywhere progressive.

    What say you? Does revealing card make your whole game less satisfactory? Or would you say it improves the cat-and-mouse gameplay?
    Does this dynamic feel just right for Nilfgard, or should it be treated like Decoy and be neutral for all decks to potentially use?
    Is there a thought about Nilfgard's connection with Revealing that I haven't touched on? Please share!

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    First of all, it's Nilfgaard!

    Anyhow, it's completely the opposite for me. I just love Reveal Decks. They are fun to play against. Sometimes they reveal an important card I have and I just imagine the opponent going "oh shi~~". I have no problem with Reveal Decks. Besides, it isn't as strong as other (NG) decks. So, they have to make up for it somehow.


    • #3
      I tried NG reveal and it sucks. Have you ever played with that deck? Play 5 games and you will probably lose 4 lol. And you want a Ehmyr nerf? They should buff him instead because nobody play reveal all NG players use Morvran Voorhis.


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        I typically find that a lot of the Nilfgaard players I go up against don't actually -look- at my cards when they've revealed them. They usually just use it for mangonel spam, buffing their spotters, etc. There's been many times where I've crushed an NG opponent with a card that's been revealed for quite some time.


        • #5
          the problem with reveal is that you can t take a really advantage on your enemy, because you rely on mangonel, that sux because do the same stuff of longship ( skellige) but worse and only source of direct strenght is spotter, with all trouble to have 3 cards with same strenght. And, in the end, you need all the card, in combo.. so, if you lose against a reveal deck there are 3 reasons:
          1)you suck/your opponent outplayed you
          2)your deck sucks ( not prepare to fight him because is out of meta)
          3)you don t know the meta reveal deck and instead to understand the mechanic, you prefer cry on the forum, asking for nerf a z tier deck
          and, how someone said above, it's only ONE single faction, with only ONE single leader
          do your math

          btw, there is always a problem: first with letho because is OP, then with cahir, now with reveal...
          Last edited by d3vil_dant3; 09-03-17, 13:55.


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            I like being able to see the opponents hand. Whatever intel you can gather and put pressure on them makes it fun!

            Reveal deck is fun to play but most people see it miles away. The second you put up mangols they are targeted as they are the bulk of the strategy. I really wish they would put more units in with their ability as it would add a bit more diversity. Then you have your spotters and only one other unit venhamr that get buffed from reveal triggers. They always get nuked with a D bomb or scorched on third round because they cant get enough of a boost for a second round play.


            • #7
              This post was about whether or not reveal makes the game any more or less fun. I do not care what kind of "reveal decks" are out there or what other cards they rely on etc.
              I personally do not enjoy the very dynamic of revealing cards.
              d3vil_dant3, there is no OP. Only a path of resistance to be avoided. Be like water.


              • #8
                Yeah sure lets nerf more interesting mechanics and make the game even more about who has the bigger numbers. Because that's even more fun!

                Revealing is interesting, not even that amazing of a deck, and a mechanic that doesn't usually reveal much at all (everyone just plays meta decks - you know what everyone has all the time anyway). The only thing I'd change is reverting spotter back, its just a bronze Vanhemar right now.


                • #9
                  the problem with spotter is just once: before they were trash.. totally garbage.. infact, now, all units with same mechanics ( see impera brigade or the discard pirate from skellige) will work in the same way: you do stuf, they enhance their strenght by 1..
                  i like reveal mechanic, because it s a unic playstyle
                  i agree saying that it can be easily abused with some buf, but in the same way can be pretty underwhelming