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Biggest Power Swing With One Card?

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  • #31
    Why do you have a single 50 pt unit?
    Why do you have 100 points on a single row?

    Those are the questions I'd be asking myself.


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      23 strength unit since Succubus subtracts 23 on one side and adds 23 on the other plus her 4 strength body.


      • #33
        Actually the Succubus was 52 point swing. Moving a 24 point unit.
        The 100 points was because he moved 3 of my big units with his spy as well as two drowners.


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          thread merged


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            Originally posted by Gyurim View Post

            Igni is very limited in comparison with scorch, as it only targets one row, and has a pre-requisite of 25 points on that row. Scorch has no such pre-requsites, it can wipe out targets with the same value on multiple rows.
            On the plus side Igni will not wipe out cards on your side (which is great) and ads +5 points to your score.
            Overall i think scorch can make a bigger swing.

            As many decks now rely on boosting/strengthening i think Hailstorm is also a very good.

            Succubus takes the biggest enemy from the opposite row and places it on your side. even if its a unit with just 10 strength it is a 20 point swing. it can even steal a unit with resilience.
            Fully agree for Scorch. The reason I didn't mentioned it is because I though the topic was the biggest Gold finisher, for some reason, but it's not the case at all.
            So I agree with you Scorch is probably the biggest finisher. Succubus is also a very good mention but I feel like she'll realistically represent lower power swing than Scorch or Igni, especially since she can be countered before she proc. Again, realistically, technically she can produce pretty much unlimited value.


            • #36
              Last night i stole a 32 pt heavy cavalry with succubus ( 64 pt power swing + 4 succubus = 68) in round 2 and still lost the round by -1 and the game later on.


              • #37

                Crach an Craite & Djenge Frett

                Board setup typically as follows,
                2 raging beserkers, 3 x Clan Brokarvar Hunter,

                Leader Card into Djene Frete, using the beserkers this creates
                36-42depending on ideal unit layout.

                Without Hunters, this can be setup in 3 turns ideally. Using Skjall + decoy to summon the beserkers prior to using leader card for

                Another Skellige

                Warcrier -> 2x Marauders ( with ideal conditions marauders are 24+ each.) Creating 26 power. Takes a bit of setup to achieve ideal conditions but packs a punch,

                Also interestingly, enough this play can follow the first play giving 80+ in 2 moves.
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                • #38
                  A special finisher against restore SK:
                  Aglais - Restore - Barclay Els - Agitator - pyrotechnician = up to 39 points

                  Even the more common play:
                  Aglais - Restore - Agitator - x = usually 30 or more


                  • #39
                    I think highly possible that it's Sigi Reuven,what is your choice?


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                      Gvynblade Thread merged.
                      Can you see this? Yes?! But it was supposed to be invisible ink...
                      Oh well, since you're reading this now I might as well show you a
                      cool link.

                      I was formerly known as RidiculousName, in case you're wondering.


                      • #41
                        I think the better question is what defines one card. Dijkstra is one card but he plays 2 one after the other. A combo like the one you described is definitely very powerful but it requires numerous cards to be played all one after the other. By that rational almost every single combo that is only activated last can count as one card. Dijkstra can be a very lucky draw or a very unlucky one. What is described in the OP also requires setup and luck. Menno into killing Letho is usually more consistent and under circumstances can be just as powerful. Kambi can bring a 100 point difference down to 20 but also requires setup. The Elder can sap a STR 40 axeman for a 44 point swing. but if we are talking strictly one card, without any dependence on the board then it's gotta be Ciri: Nova (which also requires setup, even if the setup is the deck itself)

                        But to play along, here is one other slightly less powerful combo:

                        Cahir -> Emhyr -> Vilgefortz (killing a vicovaro) -> Tibor Eggebracht - > draw a Vicovaro back


                        • #42
                          Lately, my big hitter has been Henz + 3 siege towers with crewmen on the board. This involves the use of Winch to create the first siege tower then Henz pulls 3 out of the deck
                          If proper crewmen placed you can get Henz (3) = 3 siege towers (with crewmen on each side = 16 each without any Siege Supports, with 3 siege supports 22 each) but I have never had the chance to have 3 siege supports and crewman on both sides which would give the max of 22 each
                          Therefore a possible 54 points!

                          here is a shot but I only had 2 siege supports and 2 other crewman


                          • #43
                            @t Doc0dy; You should try using Nenneke ;-) Then you can use Henselt to pull even more machines out of the deck. Biggest I managed this way was having him pull 5 machines from the deck.


                            • #44
                              Originally posted by RidiculousName View Post
                              Gvynblade Thread merged.
                              My question wasn't about swing,I'm asking for instant gamechanger (30+pts) card which requires no setup and becomes most valuable card in the game.


                              • #45
                                Venendal elite hit olaf....a bronze unit with small preparation can hit 38 point, but can only works once a game