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  • ♔Master♔ Ranked Gameplay - Newest Netdecks

    Quite a few people are wondering why I abruptly discontinued my YouTube channel. I'm going to copy/paste a response I gave a fellow Gwent player who asked me that very same question.

    I understand there were quite a few people who were enjoying my YouTube content, but a few issues arose which were causing a conflict of interest.

    The first, and biggest factor was the excessive amount of time I was spending on editing, compiling, and creating a product I was proud of. How my video presentations looked were always very important to me. That's why I always included a snapshot of a premium leader card, and a full deck list before each video, no one did this in the exact way that I did, it was sort of a signature presentation that was unique to my channel.

    The splicing and editing became a monumental problem, all due to the issues that arise from screen capture software not mixing well with the editing program that I used. Most, if not all professional editing programs do not like variable framerates, and my Nvidia Shadowplay would always record with a variable framerate. This caused incredibly annoying stutters, echos, or other small nuanced issues which would be spread out at random intervals during the editing phase of my videos. I tried conversion software which was supposed to alleviate audio issues, but they often ended up increasing the file size of my recording by 1000%, so I kept using the raw files, and converting them in the editor itself. This caused me to have to manually review each video after editing it to check for any annoying inconsistencies, again, adding unnecessary length to the amount of time I was spending on my projects. I couldn't just create a video, splice it, and click done, I had to keep messing with files, find audio issues, remake the entire video three or four times, it was a nightmare.

    The second issue is that small content creators have been fighting a losing battle with YouTube over getting wrongly auto flagged for limited-ads. A quick rundown on what that means. The ad revenue on a YouTube Partner's channel (me for instance) is used by most content creators as motivation to continue creating content, or for raising funds to improve the channel. My videos were averaging 20 cents or less in ad revenue before the limited-ads problem. If you factor in the amount of time I was spending, I.E. somewhere upwards of 5+ hours or more if you count my in-game gameplay recordings, editing, compiling my edits, finishing my edits, adding in the decklist information in the video description, linking to GwentDB, creating a decklist and/or guide, and uploading my videos to YouTube it just doesn't seem reasonable. Yet that was okay, I was a small channel with 200+ subscribers. Next I looked at my projection/growth, my channel was growing slower than other channels, I.E. streamers, who earn additional viewers from Twitch, and bring them over to YouTube to pad their numbers. They're not only generating viewers/income from Twitch, they're essentially bringing their following over to YouTube. Streamers tend to get much more attention than a faceless, or voiceless YouTube channel. They usually get captured in memes, or AMA's, or are better known in the community, which is fine, they do a lot of hard work, and they deserve it. My growth projections just weren't cutting it for how much effort I was putting into my channel.

    Added to that, YouTube was wrongly flagging every single one of my videos for limited-ads, and I'd have to appeal every case. My videos never got 1,000 views in 7 days, so I didn't meet the appeal requirements, so videos which would be earning 20 cents, were now earning 1 cent, or 0. You can see how frustrating this can be when you're a small channel and every cent counts for something, especially when your videos are not violating YouTube's policy, yet still get singled out. To YouTube's credit, they would remonitize my videos, but only after 99% of the views were garnered during the limited-ads phase, so it really didn't matter, I was powerless to stop YouTube's shady business practices. I blame YouTube for creating such a stupid system, and their limited-ads crap was a huge factor in me calling it quits.

    For more information on the limited-ads issue, see this link.


    Thirdly, I just didn't have the time anymore. I am going to the gym five times a week, spending those 5+ hours I normally spent editing Gwent videos on working out and getting buff instead. I find it's much less stressful, and healthy for my mind, body, and spirit.

    Hope that answers your question.

    ~ Med
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    I checked your channel, it's good to see more people generating content about Gwent. I saw that your videos don't have voice comentaries, it seems to be intended, because it's stated on the videos' titles. I believe tho that you can get a higher audience if you add comentaries to the videos.

    Cheers and keep up the good work! See you in the game


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      Channel Discontinued
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        Nice work! I don't mind that these videos have no commentary but seeing and hearing the streamer usually helps a lot building up a viewer base. The idea behind the channel is good though, and I hope it will work out for you !!!


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          Channel Discontinued
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            I saw your draconid. Good content bro. I'm going to check your other decks.