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Recommend me a New Deck

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  • Recommend me a New Deck

    Hello all,

    . I'm looking to make a new deck as I'm bored with the one that I have now. I will probably be allowed in 8000 scraps for it so this will be an expensive build.

    do you think I should do so now or should I wait for a little bit for things to settle down?

    and if I were to do it now what deck would you recommend? I would like to play that that is fun but also very viable competitively

  • #2
    You should probably state which one you have now, so other players are able to recommend different yet efficient ones.


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      Thread moved & renamed for clarity.


      • #4
        Try NR that focuses on weather, armor an reset???


        • #5
          The first 30 minutes of this video will blow your mind and take the concept of fun in this game to another level
          The deck.


          • #6
            I like making burn decks where you constantly aim to destroy an opponents cards as they come in, you could try something like that! I've been running around with an ST deck using Swordmaster as one of its anchors and it has been working out pretty well.