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Anyone else finding Fake Ciri kind of tricky?

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  • Anyone else finding Fake Ciri kind of tricky?

    I almost lost a game because I didn't take Fake Ciri (played by my opponent) into account. My opponent had passed, and after I did the math I realized I'd actually need to play one more card to compensate for FC running back to its master.

    I think my opponent may have thought I was BM'ing them as I got no GG for that game.
    "I fear nothing but the fact that I'm afraid of everything." - Sunrise Avenue

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    In case of fake Ciri, break the glass .. I mean a thunderbolt or Decoy.

    No seriously, end the round fast or get rid of it.
    The swing from that card increases greatly the more cards are played in the turn.

    Good thing there are so many counters to it. I just hope you packed some. (I personally believe it's kinda bad actually.)

    Love the artwork though.
    Ayd f'haeil moen Hirjeth taenverde.


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      Originally posted by nightweaver View Post
      Good thing there are so many counters to it.
      I ended up eating her. Omnomnomnom, tasty. Felt sorry for her, though.


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        Originally posted by 4RM3D View Post

        I ended up eating her. Omnomnomnom, tasty. Felt sorry for her, though.

        (Yeah, she's a really bad card vs monster consume decks.)
        Ayd f'haeil moen Hirjeth taenverde.


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          Couldn't counter her, because she was Shani'd (who in turn had been Johnny'd from my deck) and I didn't have my Kaedweni Sergeant or D-bomb in hand. She'd originally been played on the first round, where I'd simply passed to force my opponent to play another card (I had a 5 on the field and FC was a 4). :P
          "I fear nothing but the fact that I'm afraid of everything." - Sunrise Avenue


          • #6
            I tried Fake Ciri for a while, and most of the time she was either eaten by Ekkimara, Kayran, Decoyed, Locked, Vilgeforzed, Letho of Guleted, ..... Finally I removed from my deck since she become a loss card most of the times. Is somebody having success with her? Does anybody have any tips?


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              Take a look at this thread: http://forums.cdprojektred.com/forum...kind-of-tricky


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                Topics merged.


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                  Its hard to say if the card is useless. I suppose its how you look at it and what you intend to actually use it for.
                  I had her used against me last night in a match. As you stated I did lock her but because I was forced to waste that card on her, it enabled the player to bring another unit out that would've been far greater to lock than fake ciri.

                  If a monster player absorbs it and gets a huge buff , more than likely they will continue to buff or keep it alive. So they will waste special cards on it.

                  I look at her as a disruption card and bait card. To try and force the player to waste special ability cards on her


                  • #10
                    I started having fake ciri drawn by my opponent a lot these days! Now I put coral on siege when she is buffed and opponent already passed.

                    So far so good when I use many units on melee


                    • #11
                      Originally posted by Bl00dGeist View Post
                      Its hard to say if the card is useless.
                      Not useless... very situational.
                      Low levels will benefit from it. Later on, no chance she has value against Consume, Henselt or Skellige. Scoia can hamper it too...
                      Fishing relaxes me. It's like yoga, except I still get to kill something.


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                        I find FC tricky to play, but just as tricky when used against me. I don't see it that often though, NG silver slots are too valuable. I'm never playing her before Treason, Cantarella, Auckes, Joachim, Roach for example. And there's other better silvers besides, like Decoy or even DBomb

                        Worst case though, is she eats a Thunder or lock, so she might be more useful than I give her credit for. Might build a deck to include her and see how it goes.


                        • #13
                          Like it was already said MMR <2000 - brilliant card, cause most of the players just dont know the card, or lock it before auckes/spend decoy on it, thunder is here worst case actually. 2000 upwards its to highrisk to rip a silver slot. Id rather go decoy + canta u give your opponent via operator and then Menno/JC them down.


                          • #14
                            I'm low level and I play her, I normally use her round one and sometimes get a quick pass or they use up a lock/bolt to get rid of her so I know they're out of the way for round 2/3. I feel she isn't something you can rely upon to win you the round but is more disruption. Using her round 2/3 when you need the win is devastating when she gets locked (though I have treasoned her after she was locked before and that was good).


                            • #15
                              I've only had FC played against me once, and found the card intriguing.

                              I just added her to my deck on a while after getting her from a barrel. While I normally choose to redraw her, I've found the to be useful a few times. It's worked best when I'm not playing against a monster deck, I've won the first round, I have more cards than my opponent in the second round, and i have a pretty strong overall draw in hand. The few times I've played FC, the other person was in a situation where they had no choice but to pass first if they wanted to win a round in the game.

                              Granted, I started playing her as a level 10 and am sure I'll have to re-evaluate in a few levels. Don't see her much in play though, so I find FC to be a fun card to toss out there for grins. Not sure I'd spend scraps on crafting her, but the card's fun to mess about with all the same.