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Why does nobody ever use Pavetta?

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  • Why does nobody ever use Pavetta?

    I find that Pavetta is a great unit if you can play her right, because unlike Milva she reshuffles units back into the deck and not the hand.

    She's great for getting rid of Mangonels, Savage bears, and other units that are often played in the first couple of turns.

    She also has great synergy with Reaver scouts and now Prince Stennis too down to their low power and their value coming from being played rather than staying on the board.

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    I think the main reason for he not being used is that because the effect is symmetrical, she is kind of complicated to use and people always go for the easy and not potentially risky plays first.
    Just for clarification: If there is no unit on your side of the board when you play her, does the effect still activate? (I am one of those people that rarely finds place for her on the NR silver roster) The game is not very consistent with the way symmetrical and conditional effects work, after all.


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      You both have to have a Non-stubborn Bronze / silver unit in play for her to work.

      I think the effect being symmetrical is not so much of a problem when you play her strategically, if you play her after you've played a reaver scout you're only loosing 1 value, but you also get the opportunity to redraw the scout later, which is great as it's value comes from playing it and now from keeping it on the board.

      Many units that people play early on gain value the longer they are in play, so getting rid of them with Pavetta can be really useful. Because you can target silvers too you could dismiss a CoC or Zarpin, which could be critical.

      At the moment I'm using her in a Radovid armour deck and I use her often just to send Stennis back to my deck so I can use him again later.


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        I've been using her a lot more lately. As some people mentioned, she is great for returning units to your hand that have deploy value. Also things like getting rid of nekkers on the opponents side (since people may only hang on to one expecting the deathwish / carryover to bring the rest out). I like having her around