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Help me improve this Mulligan Deck w/ Sarah

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  • Help me improve this Mulligan Deck w/ Sarah

    Hello fellow Gwent Enthusiast, Scoia'Tael is my least played faction out of the 5. But I want to change that. Been building this deck since Saovine Patch and had mix results. Currently at rank 18 with 41% using this deck. Let us say my other decks are much successful. I have been retweaking and swapping cards but I believe it can be better. So am sharing this deck build.

    http://www.gwentdb.com/decks/35488-m...n-deck-w-sarah (link because I can't upload photo of deck, don't know why)

    Basically, i just want to know any criticism/problem you can find with this build or any suggestion to improving it. By personal experience, it is a very fun deck, but having some problems I listed below:

    1. Having trouble against weather decks, It only has Ida to clear hazards.
    2. Can't really deal/remove with a huge body on the board.
    3. I can always get Eleyas around 17+ power but can't reliably draw him when I need him.
    4. Deck doesn't have great finishers.

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    I don't see the value of the handbuff combo. If you're dedicating 7 slots to it, may as well go all out and make a handbuff deck. A better value unit would be smugglers, and I'd run three officers rather than two. Blue Mountain Commandos are a fantastic R1 deck thinner to improve the consistency of your mulligans hitting "win" cards. It also allows you to drop Ithlinne and instead make use of Isengrim + Tor + Aelirenn shenanigans to snake an easy R1 win.

    To guarantee your Ele'yas finisher, don't drop Francesca until R3 (remember you can always mull and redraw him with her for a whole bunch of extra pointage). Otherwise you can run Alzur's Double Cross to find him.

    Edited to add: Eleyas IS your finisher. Win R1 with tempo play of BMCx3/Isengrim/Tor/Ael, bleed them dry R2 cycling your deck, and try to go into R3 with only a card or two left. Most decks won't be able to overcome your Eleyas in a single card. If they control R2 it puts you in a tight spot since you can't last a long R3 and you don't want them Coraling or Incinerating him, so best advice: don't let them dictate it. Win R1!
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      Very good advice, some other things you'd want to consider:
      -For the best Ele'yas value, run ADC. If you have ADC and Ele'yas on your hand, use Fran to mulligan Ele'yas, and then pick him again. This way, you'll have a +7 Ele'yas: +2 for mulligan, +2 for drawing, +3 for Francesca.
      -Ithlinne with Quen is not very used with mulligan, but it is very useful for protecting your BMC (and you have to run BMC in this deck). They are very squishy, and get lacerated a lot. If the don't get lacerated, is +6 value.
      -Consider running Zoltan: locked Toruviel is pretty common too. If that happens, BMC with Zoltan will give you a good value.


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        I agree that handbuff isn't great here. I'd drop farseers and dragoons. Once those are dropped we won't need ithlinne and quen either. The deck needs more thin for sure, so put in 3 blue mountain commandos. I'd also include ailerenn. You can run Zoltan for your bmcs if you want. Personally I'd run an ambush unit with isengrim for more thin. I'd also run royal decree, adc, and a first light. I'd run 3 of officer and 3 of vanguard and fill the other two bronze slots with smugglers. I just made this on gwentdb in case all the text of what I'd do gets confusing. I've included the link so you can compare the two decks. It seems as if the people posting before me gave some similar advice as well.

        Edit: Run Ida and Zoltan instead of Insengrim and Toruviel if you want to better deal with weather.
        This sort of deck doesn't have any sort of ways to deal with a big body, unless you want to tech in scorch, in which case probably remove aelirenn.
        This variant should give you a larger Ele'Yas on average, making your finisher stronger.
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          Totally agree with the comments above, you´re mixing concepts. Either you are going for handbuff, or you´re focusing on mulligan. What I do is to play MC > Barclay > Sheldon > BMC to get a huge value in R1. You need a lot of deck thinning to make sure you´ll draw Eleyas as a finisher, or otherwise save Francesca, as someone points out. Zoltan can be a 20 value play with BMC, or 23 if combined with lacerate.

          Here is mine, but honestly, haven´t played it since prior to Saovine update:

          Last edited by Eliadann; 13-11-17, 19:19.


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            Hey guys! I highly appreciate all of your replies. Thanks! You are all right that deck is trying to do hand buff and mulligan thin at the same time. I will take into consideration all your suggestions in retweaking this mulligan deck.


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              I only play ST and would like to share info on the deck but the problem is. Other faction players will find out what we are up to. So I suggest maybe making a group offline so we can exchange ideas.

              I invite all my ST brethren to join this group so please contact me via PM. Teamspeak would be ideal.


              • #8
                I don't think anyone is particularly worried about what ST is up to these days...

                Francesca is second lowest rated leader, and no ST leader is over 50%. I've been experimenting like crazy to find a winning combo with them but so far have struggled to find anything that can win consistently against the T1 and popular T2 decks.


                • #9
                  I've been playing ST, an only ST since closed beta, and never meta decks (and believe, neophyte spam Isemgrim was a thing). I don't think there is any people spying non meta ST decks...


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                    Originally posted by Noela View Post
                    [...] neophyte spam Isemgrim was a thing [...]
                    Ah, the good old glory days when ST ruled the board. I miss those days.


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                      Originally posted by 4RM3D View Post

                      Ah, the good old glory days when ST ruled the board. I miss those days.
                      I must said, in my defense, that I just tried Isemgrim for a bit. Too OP for me. But I loved my dragoon based neophyte spam with Saskia and Aelirenn so much, that my heart broke a little when that archetype was erased...I called that deck "Humans to the sea"...


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                        Originally posted by Noela View Post

                        I must said, in my defense, that I just tried Isemgrim for a bit. Too OP for me. But I loved my dragoon based neophyte spam with Saskia and Aelirenn so much, that my heart broke a little when that archetype was erased...I called that deck "Humans to the sea"...
                        Same memories, man. That deck felt so... alive


                        • #13
                          I tend to play more classic mulligan deck with ambushes and the point there was to use 'em smart and bounce your high cards. Oh, and I put Smugglers since there are lots of swarms. Negative moment, is that it's hard to win vs skelliges