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King Bran - Discard and Kambi deck after the update

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  • King Bran - Discard and Kambi deck after the update

    Right. As you probably know, Kambi is now a spy, that will spawn Hemdall when killed. Hemdall in return will give your opponent a 16 point advantage but scorch the entire board indiscriminately! So I made a deck that, armed with that knowledge, and enough revives to resurrect my scorched units, aims to use it at the last possible moment and strip your opponent of their strategy


    Basically focus on Shieldsmiths to strengthen your Queensguard and bide your time. Play your herbalists early to apply rain to untouched rows and strengthen your Queensguard/ Clan Tuirseach skirmishers more. Then when you are down to 3 cards (which should be Kambi and 2 revives if done right), play Kambi on a row with weather, watch it get killed and scorch the entire board to ashes, then revive your strengthened Queensguard and skirmishers to catch up to the 16 points it gives your opponent and win the game!

    The deck has the guide in detail so you can look at it there. The only reason I don't use Cerys is, quite simply, because I don't have her yet :P
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    Im sorry, but Kambi has been a spy for months now! And he didnt suffer any changes with this update.

    I do recommend using Queensguard on Kambi decks, but there are much better ways to instantly trigger Hemdall - either savage bears or skellige storm. A torrential rain might not hit Kambi if the enemy has 2 enemies on each row. And careful with NR and those pesky bastards that buff any unit that enters their side (Kambi). You can have a damaging unit as backup though, if the bear gets locked or the weather removed.

    Good luck.


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      The torrential Rain was there because of the herbalist. With the new update, I shifted it into Biting Frost since now the Herbalist can play that from the deck. And of course I have both a bear and Skellige storm as my main ways to kill it.

      As for the update, I don't mean the Halloween one, maybe one of the previous ones. At any rate I thought I read some posts from September that talked about placing it on their side of the board. Might have been a misinterpretation on my behalf