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Blue Stripes Bug

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  • Blue Stripes Bug

    I played with 4 Blue Stripes Commando in my deck (the extra one is from Vernon Roche) and I played two Blue Stripes Scout so that only two were in my deck and all were 5 power.

    I tried to play Foltest (a 5 strength temerian ally) but my third Blue Stripes Commando didn’t come out of the deck. I then played Temerian Infantry and it still didn’t come.

    I know they were in my deck because I drew them in the second round.

  • #2
    When you played Foltest, he Boosted the remaining Commandos to 6 which is why one didn't come out. If you play Foltest after the first Scout, he will pull a Commando as he Boosts them from 4 to 5. So, that part was working as intended.

    Infantry should have pulled a Commando, though. Was there something unusual about the circumstances under which you played the Infantry?
    It's working just fine in my tests.


    • #3
      Yes I did that exactly and played Foltest after the first Scout not the second and it worked. But considering the tooltip says that it plays automatically I thought it would occur before Foltest’s ability resolves.

      And about the Temerian infantrymen I’m not sure what happened but it worked in the following game. Thanks for the help I appreciate it