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wrong information in the tutorial

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  • wrong information in the tutorial

    Hey all,

    somehow I can't submit a report today so I am writing this here.

    I just replayed the tutorial as it seems I didn't finish that before and I encountered some wrong text-information.

    Fundamentals: When the cards and rows are introduced the first card highlighted is the Fiend but the pop-up text says 'Vran Warrior' instead. Then the next cards is highlighted, which is the Vran Warrior now and the text states it 'can only be placed on ranged row' which is no longer correct since last patch as it can now be placed on any row.

    Special Mechanics: When Commanders Horn is introduced the pop-up text still says 'double the strength' while the card already says 'add 5 strength' which is also what happens when you play it.

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    Commander's Horn was mentioned in another forum post, the Fiend and Vran Warrior seem new to me. Nevertheless, please report them to the support once it's working again.

    Originally posted by Riven-Twain
    Update: The contact submission form at https://www.playgwent.com/en/contact-support is temporarily out of order. Please, hold on to any new reports until the form has been restored. Sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you for your patience.
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      Thanks for the Info - good to know it isn't just me.


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        Madras_Pfeffer , if the tutorial tool-tips have not been corrected in the latest patch, you can now send your report. The submission form has been repaired.
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