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The Guardian's Ability Doesn't Trigger

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  • The Guardian's Ability Doesn't Trigger

    Am I missing some game mechanism here thats just beyond what I know? So I lay down my Guardian in turn 3, then follow it by a albrich or a tibor and they don't draw a 6 strength rock monster? Why the hell not? To the best of my knowledge the opponent played something very vanilla inbetween rounds that didn't have any mulligan or deck reshuffle properties.

  • #2
    Because Guardian's ability is a deatwish not a deploy ability...


    • #3
      Yep, Guardian needs to die in order to trigger this effect. As long as this unit is still on the board, nothing happens.
      Play that card as soon as possible, otherwise you won't get much value from it.


      • #4
        The Guardian needs to die in order for its ability to trigger mate. It's a Deathwish card.
        "Up and at 'em, lazy mingers! Ye'll sleep when ye're dead!"


        • #5
          oh... that's awkward haha. Thanks.