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Game Out of Sync / Disconnect (While Winning)

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  • Game Out of Sync / Disconnect (While Winning)


    this is now the fourth time I lost against someone because of either a desync or because the last screen got stuck and thus a defeat on my side. Sure, could be connection or something, but four times is a bit a lot and on top of that, it's only when my opponents lose plus the guys I played against, they had absolutely NO plan how to lay out the cards and it was a 100% win.. but tada, again that exploit/desync thing. It's really frustrating by now, I actually know what I'm going to run into if my opponent plays like he would have 10% of his current MMR... (no offense against beginners).

    Looking forward to times when this will be fixed :/. Besides that: Great game, great improvements!


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    Please, do not mention player names in posts like these. If you think that someone might be cheating or abusing the game mechanics then contact support: https://www.playgwent.com/en/contact-support. Also, please remember that the game is still in beta and that bugs and connection issues may occur, which can lead to weird situations.


    Originally posted by SigilFey View Post
    Alright, I am allotting a little leeway here because I believe there may be confusion about what is meant by "personal or general" accusations. Clarification:

    Personal: "SigilFey is disconnecting on purposes and abusing the system."

    General: "People are disconnecting on purpose and abusing the system."

    We're not going to discuss EITHER of these things on the Forums. If you have any evidence of someone cheating, using exploits, hacking with 3rd-party software, etc., you may report it through a PM ONLY. Please, do NOT post on the Forums. If you do, the post will be deleted.

    The issue is mostly down to a bug that has been reported by players since early in the Closed Beta, and work on nailing it down is ongoing. Of course, if it can be proven that people are abusing the game, then CDPR will handle the situation, but we are not going to call people out publicly.
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      I have just been BMed by a royal bast***.

      He was losing round 3, instead of playing last card he put the cursor on my Ekimmara and let the time count end.
      Except for the fact it did not end, despite reaching 0 it remained stuck and the game freezed.
      I could not even resign, I had to shut up Gwent by other means.
      (ofc doing so made me lose)

      Dunno whether it's a known bug or a simple freeze he had nothing to do with, surely it's something I want to happen while playing ranked.

      Anyone experienced anything like this?
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        If you suspect someone of exploiting the game please contact support and report the player.
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          Something like this happens to you too?

          Or just desync stuff?


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            Until now three times desync and one time when the game just stopped and I could do nothing but forfeit via menu after I actually won.


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              Happens to me too, 2 or 3 times a day, and like in your case, enemies are losing. I am really curious about what are they doing. Never saw an enemy desync or lost connection when winning.


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                Hilariously, this happened to me twice when I was actually winning (I mostly lose because I'm one of those OOPS-didn't-mean-to-do-that players) so it took me that much longer to gain a level.


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                  Originally posted by Kangaxx1905 View Post

                  Something like this happens to you too?

                  Or just desync stuff?
                  Mine is different for example, even the button flipped to my side (blue) but it still says "Opponent's Turn". Also it's funny, because this guy used the likes of Ragh Nar Roog, Drought and Renew. Is there any way to report people who do this kind of stuff?



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                    I just played a game which is really frustrating me. This monsters player won the first round. In the second round I was winning and I was going to be transferring points to the next round so it became very obvious that I was going to win the game. This player and myself both have one card left. It's his turn and he continues holding his last card without playing it. I figured he was just making me wait because he didn't like losing. Then the timer ran out and nothing happened. Literally the coin still shows it as his turn and the timer reads zero and nothing is happening at all. I am just sitting there wanting the game to continue and it won't. Apparently I can either leave the game/forfeit or sit there forever staring at the screen. It seems to me that this is too coincidental that this happened right as it became clear that I was going to win. I'm pissed off that players are able to somehow do this and cheat players out of their wins.

                    I play on xbox and have a recording of this occurring. I am also still sitting in the game in this very moment because I really don't want to leave it. Kind of hoping something will happen. Also the screen isn't frozen I can still move the card selector around. The timer is just a red zero and nothing happens.

                    Yes I will post this thread in tech support or whatever. I just usually go straight to general discussion out of habit.


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                      Why are you assuming that your opponent cheated and it wasnt one game/server breakdown?

                      This last patch is full of bugs, both visual and mechanic. I already won and lost more than half a dozen of matches just because of game interruptions like this.


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                        If you think that someone is cheating, you can contact to Support: https://www.playgwent.com/en/contact-support

                        However, please be careful when accusing specific players for cheating, since this game has some weird connection issues and bugs in it. I have experienced few, that must have looked like I was cheating or being an ahm...hole, even if the game just bugged for me.

                        Support can check what is the real case behind these issues.


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                          In my opinion it was a bug. Similar situation occured to me, I was winning and I couldn't play the last card, timer runned out but nothing happened. Couldn't forfeit, had to brutally close the game.

                          In fact I opened a thread yesterday and attached the link to xboxdvr. Check it out.


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                            Originally posted by Laveley View Post
                            Why are you assuming that your opponent cheated and it wasnt one game/server breakdown?

                            This last patch is full of bugs, both visual and mechanic. I already won and lost more than half a dozen of matches just because of game interruptions like this.
                            It seemed a bit convenient that this problem occurred right when it became apparent this player was going to lose. But looking back on it you might be right that it was a bug. Either way it's very annoying.


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                              I haven't seen this done in Gwent yet but saw it happen all the time in Hearthstone. I think it has something to do with the servers going down because I can see that my opponent is still there and highlighting different cards but isn't able to put down the one he picked. It's a weird glitch but I don't think they get the win either from it so there is no benefit to doing this type of glitch as you would want to end the game to collect xp, ore, scraps rewards even from a loss.


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                                Once again I would like to reiterate that if you suspect someone of exploiting the game, please contact support and report the player.