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Witcher series for Netflix confirmed!

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    Absolutely amazing news and super excited to see how it turns out.


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      Ok I'm late to the party...only heard about it today. Its great news! I just hope it stays super accurate to the book lore. I'm sure it will, Game of Thrones is getting abit stale now......need something to take its place. Anyone have any speculation as to when we might see it?


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        Nicolas Cage is Geralt xD nah i joke i joke dont kill me


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          It'll be crap.


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            If they won't forget that it has to have a lot of sense of humour (politically incorrect), and if they will hire a team of good actors (with some sense of humour) who can interact with each other, it might work, and they themselves might have some fun at work .

            Yvonne Strahovski definitely Yennefer (she is good actress with charisma and it will be a nice polish accent), Lee Pace as Geralt (can play everything, attracts attention without even trying and if they managed to make Żebrowski a bit ugly, they will manage with Pace), Sebastian Stan as Dandelion (excellent Mad Hatter) and Stefanie Martini as Ciri ( she looks likea child-girl but she can be quite powerful- Langwidere and that what Ciri should be) could be a brilliant team. Additionally in some small parts as elves, nobles and so on: Kasia Smutniak, Magda Mielcarz, Iza Scorubco, Jakub Gierszal, ...because why not


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              Idris Elba should play Geralt.

              EDIT: I'm being ironic.
              Last edited by Lisbeth_Salander; 28-05-17, 17:24.
              "In twenty-seventy or so. Tenements on fire. Blazing through endless nights."


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                Originally posted by Lisbeth_Salander View Post
                Idris Elba should play Geralt.
                Yeah, I reckon the peasantry's reactions at the sight of him would've been priceless...



                • #69
                  My biggest hope honestly, especially from the description of "The Witcher stories follow an unconventional family that comes together to fight for truth in a dangerous world,” by daniel and brown, is that they touch on the entirety of Geralt's extended family and how they came together.

                  By which I mean, show him growing up with Eskel under Vessimir's tutelage, show all of the development of the relationship with Lambert. Those connections are important and showing that kind of bond during Geralt's youth would be unexplored territory. It would also (hopefully) give us a HUGE amount of lore to pour over. Seeing the original Trial of the Grasses, What training was like when Kaer Morhen was more populated and running. What the mages that worked with and made witchers were like. And they could even show stuff Geralt only mentioned in the book (Like the first time he left on The Path and wanted to be a hero, only to have the girl throw up after he murdered the bandits harassing her and her father).

                  Game story... Eh, I could take or leave. Do pre-book, then the books.


                  • #70
                    i haven't read the books but the netflix series looks like is going to be really good.
                    what do you all think?


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                      Well, I needed that to get a Netflix account.
                      Any words on timing ? When ?


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                        Originally posted by Stereofm View Post
                        Well, I needed that to get a Netflix account.
                        Any words on timing ? When ?
                        i"d like some dates as well but to be honest, Netflix can take their sweet time with this series in order for it to turn out great and meet the hype.


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                          Here is interesting interview with Tomek Baginski regarding the new Witcher Netflix series:
                          source: http://www.newsweek.pl/kultura/filmy...,411315,1.html

                          Thanks to https://silnaniewinna.tumblr.com for the whole translation

                          It was supposed to be a movie, it would be a serial. Why?

                          T.B.: History has grown. In the meantime - and on the Witcher project I’m working four years now - cultural switch has been set. Genre films - apart from the pre-Oscars, when more ambitious production occurs - are increasingly turning into circus shows. It is difficult to think of the “Witcher” as a colorful, thoughtless brawl. So we felt that such deep literature as Andrzej Sapkowski’s prose gather wind in sails first and foremost on television, multi-episode narrative. Where will not be limited even by the length of the season, because after all, and the number of seasons can be arbitrary, is subject to what dictates the story.

                          How faithful will you stay to the books?

                          T.B.: We will try to rely mainly on the literature of Andrzej Sapkowski, because it is a multi-layered prose. On top of that we actually have a fantasy story full of monsters and action. But when we read deeper, we reach the next layers, up to the level of archetypes, philosophy almost. The unique feature of this series - the world, heroes, Andrzej’s entire writing - is that it can be received on so many levels.

                          This is an event in Polish literature?

                          T.B.: It is no big surprise that Sapkowski and his Witcher have become so popular and iconic, not only in Poland but also abroad. It is also no coincidence that this book has become a great basis for a brilliant game that has been a business success. In Polish culture this is a rarity. Polish fantasy literature is a high test, but the character’s creation is often limp and the screen is fed primarily by characters. Those whose fate we want to follow with whom we want to stay, which also differ from each other, because after all in Sapkowski every one on this characters speaks differently, has its own tics, behavior.

                          What is it in Geralt itself that it is worth making him a serial hero?

                          T.B: Geralt of Rivia is a moral compass of the world, in which there is no clear division between good and evil, and that is the reality around us. Even in the Cold War, the division was as clear as in “Star Wars” - the empire of evil and noble rebellion. It was known to which groups you should belong.. Today, even the last part of “Star Wars” introduces nuances: rebels are nasty types and they need redemption, and the empire seems to has it’s own rights. The Witcher is an example of a hero who, in this world of mad, competing ideas, none of which is clearly good or bad - is trying to find the right path. He says: such things you cannot do, such things need to be done, and such choices are necessary. A bit like a guy who will defend the weaker who is beating up in trolley. Archetypal defender. And it is thanks to it there is something fantastic in him - such characters we want and need.

                          You say that thanks to it in Sapkowski there is something basic Polish. Why?

                          T.B: Becouse Sapkowski from the beginning described the world from the perspective of Poland, which was always in interface, developed in the clash of East and West. In Poland - contrary to what we are used to say - we are not tribes, you can not qualify us to one particular camp. Even if we start to hold up to something, it soon starts to pinch us - we already have a libertine nature, we are non-controllable. Geralt is similar.

                          Does the world of the series need clear divisions? Good knights, evil dragons, heroes whom we would like without hesitation and those we hate from the first meeting?

                          T.B: If you are watching modern series, you see that this division is long gone - their structure is much more complex, and there is more intelligent psychology out there. The best characters today are those who have good intentions. Another thing is what comes out of this intentions.

                          Wait a second what about a “Game of Thrones”? Is it not it that we know from the beginning which of the Westeros kingdoms are “good” and which are causing us aversion?

                          T.B: You might be surprised. If I had to interview the audience thoroughly, I am sure that there would be people who understand Cersei, her difficult choices and why she is so cruel. And those who would argue that this entire Ned Stark bunch is an overly sensitive sociopaths who is overly afraid that some sort of winter is coming. People are different - and in modern entertainment the most interesting thing is that it is try to tell the difference.

                          After the speculation about the actors, you joked that Tomasz Karolak could play the role of kikimore. What about the main actor idea? Which stories will you use, which you will give up?

                          T.B: I apologize to our viewers and readers for being such a sphinx guarding the mystery - I know the fans would like to know right now more about our casting ideas, what stories we want to adapt - but many of these things could influence the later process, many of them are also tade secret . For all of this time will come.

                          And how - as far as it can be betrayed - look the process of working on such a complicated plot that must be “The Witcher”?

                          T.B: I can not say anything but what is general know. Working on the show, more than the film is a teamwork, also at the stage of creation. Stories are written by many scriptwriters, episodes are directed by a number of directors, everything is consulted with the producers and department heads. Big human machine

                          You cannot reveal who among the full-blooded heroes of Sapkowski will appear on the show. What about characters beside Geralt are for you, Tomek Bagiński are the key, the most interesting?

                          T.B: From all stories or novels I prefer specific moments. And what kind of characters I like, will not be particularly controversial. There are such heroes, without it is difficult to imagine this story: Ciri, Yennefer or supporting characters: Bonhart, Vilgefortza or Regis. How exactly it will be in the series and what characters appear - here please be patient.

                          Dragon, Baba Jaga, Twardowsky - in your work there is recently a whole lot of Slavic legends and clues. Where does it come from?

                          T.B: I will not tell stories from the plains of Arizona or country music biography, because I do not know anything about them. I was born here, here I live and this is my cultural background. It is not a burden, but a tool that can be used - it is extremely interesting and exotic for the rest of the world. Just as Peter Jackson sits in New Zealand and makes films there, using everything he sees around him, so we can use this great European plain like Poland. I really really strongly believe that at this point in the East and West we have built a strong cultural identity, although our archetypes we do not used for years, we considered them as dump. This Pole is untouchable - it is our greatest strength.

                          How much do you think the CD Projekt and its “Witcher” contributed to the promulgate of Slavs?

                          T.B: The CDP guys did a great job with this adaptation, so no one will take that from them.. It was a great game and it was a success. The more such companies and people who are so professionally and reliably approaching their work, the sooner Poland will develop. Games also did not undermine the characters and literacy of Andrzej Sapkowski, although it is true that the policy of some publishers harmed the reputation of the writer himself.

                          He sometimes talked about the game without much flattering

                          T.B: It is worth reading these statements with understanding and in a specific context. These statements are much less controversial than what the media around them has unleashed. There is no easy correlation between games and books between books and series or movies. For example, few people suspect that a book was written after a movie. In the case of games the relationship is less obvious, and books written for games are often very literary second league. The publisher’s policy to add to the books covers from the “The Witcher” games automatic add them to that category and right now it’s necessary to correct that. That does not change the fact that games were extremely popular and in some markets increased the recognition of the Witcher brand.

                          Is your experience and cooperation with Netflix a guarantee that everything will go well with the series?

                          T.B: In life, only taxes and death are guaranteed. But even the latter may soon change

                          And the biggest risk you can imagine in relation to this production?

                          T.B: Media! Because they are taking up the time we could devote to work. ( laugh ). You will be able to write that “Baginski chased journalists, told them nothing. He is a boor and a beet, worse than the infamous writer Andrzej S. ” And there will be another Witcher controversy. People will read. that.


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                            Originally posted by PinkFloyd76 View Post
                            I feel the same but as you say, "usually". I don't expect the standards of LotR movie, but it's doable. Also there's an outburst of TV series in the recent years and the competition is high, so Netflix picking it up shows real promise. Fingers crossed ofc.
                            The material is NOT going to be based off of the game but from the books

                            Originally posted by 4RM3D View Post
                            That was something I didn't expect.
                            Hmmm, games made into a movie or series are usually pretty crappy, no matter how great the source material is. I really want this to succeed, but I have my doubts that they can pull it off.
                            And also Andrzej Sapkowski (or whatever his name is) is going to take part in the process of creating it (and we all know he is pretty good at that stuff) so it has a good chance of working. Also the witcher movies had Geralt have a Katana for some reason.... Like wtf where the producers even thinking of?


                            • #75
                              Just wondering and havent been able to find. But is there an actually calender in game or is it just a time cycle