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Where is everyone?

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    I just joined too, but I think everyone is in the cyberpunk forums.


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      On W3 launch the forums was buzzing, it'll be the same when the next Witcher comes out.


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        Quality over quantity.

        Originally posted by snowplough913 View Post
        Unfortunately I have no interest in Cyberpunk, not into much sci fi (sorry guys). Otherwise I'd gladly look into that forum
        Even though it is sci-fi themed instead of fantasy, Cyberpunk 2077 is still made by mostly the same people as the Witcher games, what was done well in those I would expect it to be also good in CP.


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          ......been busy fightin' monsters...don't believe me?...
          NG+DM - Witcher lvl 77 - Quest lvl 100

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            Well the game is almost 3 years old Its normal that alot of people dont stay in the forum. When they announce Wither 4 trust me they will come back


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              Nothing is happening, so people got bored. Simple as that.
              No longer active on the forum, feel free to reach me on my twitter (/KW_Sagitarii)


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                Perhaps some decided it was just a wee bit more fun to play the game, rather than merely discuss it. . . From what I read, Witcher III was still rather popular last year.
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                'Sorry, but smashing barrels is one of my hobbies!'

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                  After this forum design change a lot of members stopped to post here.


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                    For me, it takes 15 minutes to set up my browser settings so that I am even able to log in here.

                    I remember the old layout. Oh my, it was so beautiful, enigmatic and unique. Unfortunately, I was pretty late for the party, because after couple of weeks when I did sign up in here, they changed the concept completely. This new design feels so dull, artless and modern. It's just simply horrible compared to the old one and the whole Witcher vibe was gone for me. Atleast the game (W3) is still playable with tweaks and mods, so whatever...

                    Still lurking in the shadows.


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                      Well, let's analyze.

                      The most active subforum here was modding forum. And it is understandable because people come there with new ideas, present their work, there was always a new content. And it had also an effect on other subforums where people were commenting mods, recommending mods, compering to vanilla, sharing other ideas and dreams, etc. People also felt that the whole forum lives and it is good to be a part of it.

                      Now let's say frankly - Witcher 3 modding tools are one of the worst ever made. But still there has been a chance for a success if only REDs had supported the modders. I am talking here about tutorials, documentation, developing Modkit, employing guys who would help modders via forum.
                      Of course I remember about Benzenzimmer but as far as I know he was helping people because of his good will and great heart. Not because the management thought modders are important and they(modders) need support.

                      So after some time modders began to leave the community because modding was too time-consuming and limited. Only few new modders joined.
                      Add here also such things like the leak of old version of REDkit - REDs even didn't explain what happened. Some people felt insulted.
                      Add 3-4 big discussions about cut content - lack of the Wild Hunt, lack of Iorweth, lack of some characters - REDs didn't even answer. People were writing essays about suggestions for Witcher 3 - no response. People lost hope that, like in Mass Effect 3, they will have any influence on how the game will develop. Again - no response.

                      No, sorry - there was always Marcin Mormot who was answering to most suggestions or comments - "no", "not possible", "it won't happen" or "soon"...
                      In fact CDP REDs PR most often remembered about the community when there was something to advertise.
                      There was only one special event for modders on Christmas 2015.

                      So modders were leaving - other users saw that the most active members lost hope, so they also left forum.

                      The nail in the coffin was the change of forum, and no I don't talk only about the look but also how buggy it was. They were repairng it for about half a year! That also showed REDs attitude to forum community. I even don't mention they didn't asked the community - which is, in my opinion, a bon ton.

                      But I don't want to be so negative. There are still some fantasitc people, there are still some ambitious projects in development, the human creativity is unlimited and there are still new ideas for mods, for tools, etc.

                      The saddest thing is - it all happens without REDs...


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                        the game came out 3 years ago, which game forum is alive for 3 years?
                        i saw LOTS of members online weeks before release, and during 2015, then, people complete the game, there is nothing new, they eventually move on to other games, it's normal

                        you came late to the party


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                          Nothing new to talk about at the moment is the main reason why this place seems a bit desolate, I think.
                          I check the forum from time to time mainly to see if there are any news about TV series and 2 mods I'm interested in (HD Rework Project and Farewell of the White Wolf), but other than that interesting topics are few and far between.


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                            Originally posted by DontBlnkBadWolf View Post

                            They just want to see what we are up to. Then they hear crickets chirping here, so they turn around and go back to CP.
                            Yep figured i'd drop in and say hello but there are nothing but skeletons here.


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                              I am now actually waiting for the 4K upgrade for the XBox One X. I was one of the lucky ones that pre-ordered the Project Scorpio Edition. I have yet to play any game on the new system, I'm wanting TW3 to be the first game played on it.

                              Edit 15/1/2018: I did not know that the 4K upgrade was already out! According to the XBOX (I love how XBox One X spells out XBOX, it's funny) website, it's still under development.
                              Last edited by DontBlnkBadWolf; 15-01-18, 07:44. Reason: Something that I didn't know
                              We all need Geralt, in our own way. For either to have a snifter of vodka with, or to kill our own personal monsters.


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                                I admit I have a problem! I am addicted to this game i just started my 9th live playthrough in YouTube with this game after about 3-4 month break! I don't know what this is but I just need to play this game again and again! I think I have a problem