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No announcement yet.

Eredin statue announced with Prime 1 Studio!

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  • Eredin statue announced with Prime 1 Studio!

    We're excited to announce this awesome Eredin statue! This is the second statue in a line of premium collectibles we’ve been working on with Prime 1 Studios! Only 800 copies of this piece will be made, as well as an additional exclusive version (limited to 500 copies), which will feature a switchable unmasked portrait head.

    Below you’ll find the detailed specs of the statue: - Size approximately 24 inches tall [(H)61.3cm (W)41cm (L)42.7]
    - High-Quality translucent resin for a lifelike effect

    Accessories included: Regular version:
    - Switchable masked portrait head
    - Switchable pointing left hand
    - Switchable open left hand
    Exclusive version: - Switchable unmasked portrait head

    Retail Price: $799 US

    Pre-order here. http://www.sideshowtoy.com/collectib...tudio-902889/#

    Prototype samples are shown. Please note that product details could be subjected to change without notice.

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    Oh look!!!!! a statue of that guy who had 10 lines during the whole Witcher 3 and showed up twice...