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Changing key bindngs, and what's different from WItcher 3

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  • Changing key bindngs, and what's different from WItcher 3

    I recently completed playing Wild Hunt + HoS + B&W and I'm playing AoK for the first time. I'd like the keyboard controls to be as close to that of Witcher 3 as possible but I can't find a way to change it. The Options menu in the launcher doesn't allow me to edit the default commands, and I couldn't find a way to edit either via the launcher or the game's options menu.
    I would also appreciate a quick overview of what's different from the later game. I've completed the tutorial and didn't last long in the final mission at the Arena, I was like "Why can't Geralt throw a bomb!?" and "Why can't I cast Quen??!" and the like i.e. fighting the controls instead of the opponents. So while some elements look the same under the hood things are quite different. For example, there is no "witcher sense" to highlight items of importance but instead I have to use Geralt's medallion; I can only drink potions from the meditation menu which is a different game mechanic from TW3.

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    Iif you've not figured it out by yourself, you must open the options menu and then go to input settings. There you can change most of the stuff like push button 1 = cast Quen etc. There are some input commands you can't change at all like character attribute. For changing you must click on one of the small windows and afterwards press your wanted input button/key. Regarding your wish to adjust it to the third game this is very hard, because it different. It is most of the time rolling around to dodge your opponents.

    The differences are many:

    1. Story is more political
    2. It is no open world game
    3. It's separated into acts or to be more precise it is separated into several locations. Also, the differences between the acts are bigger than those of the third game especially in the story and the surrounding world that changes with your actions.
    4. Geralt is glued to the ground ... no jumping etc. so walking around/exploring/fighting is a little bit more complicated.
    5. Boss fight's which are different from normal fights.... you must fight a little bit different as in most of the time in the game. I think you can compare it with the fight against the end boss of B&W.

    Sorry that I mentioned just a few things. I think the best way to get to know the game mechanics is to play the arena mode.... it is frustrating in the beginning, but after defeating the last round on Dark Difficulty you won't have any problems in the game anymore. I would recommend playing in normal or easy first in the arena and when you've finished those you will understand the game eg. how Geralt will attack (his animations) when he is far away, near or uses hard or fast strike, where are you standing etc.
    Don't rage quit too fast... the game has a learning curve which is very slow at the beginning.

    I hope this helped you at least a bit.




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      Thank you. You are right about the learning curve. Some game mechanics are quite different from Witcher 3, so it'll take some time to unlearn them.