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Witcher 2 Redkit. Questions and answers.

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    ​There is a tutorial for creating quests, where the play game problem is solved,. I think the most important things are shown the first 8 minutes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=knqO4l4zBlI

    ​And to all, I did not update the mesh pack, I do not even know, if still sombody wants it, because activity is very low in the forum, but I want ot release it. I am aware that I said I will release it on some date. But I had to play the Witcher 3 and imported more meshes.
    So I hope to update this soon.
    ​And here's a picture, do you recognize any buildings ?

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      Originally posted by Nemomallo View Post
      I do not even know, if still sombody wants it, because activity is very low in the forum, but I want ot release it. I
      Very interested here! Have not been active in the forums or in REDkit in a while since my world broke again but i'm thinking of starting some new project, and more variety in the meshes are always nice. Your first pack was very nice aswell by the way. I should upload what i have to the nexus aswell in case someone needs it. A quick question aswell, do you know why it is that entities are not possible to save as a preset in the gardener tool but mesh files can be saved as a preset?


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        Hm ok REDKit is very anoying sometimes, especially when something brakes. And for all... the mesh pack is not ready, since I was lazy... no way to release it this year...
        Regarding your question..... I don't have a clue! I don't know anything about stuff like that and just like to play around with the REDKit. Sorry!

        Dear Modders and everyone else have a nice time at the end of the old year and the start of the new one!
        Greetings Nemo


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          Hi guys, a couple of quick questions:
          1) I followed the tutorial video about adding communities - do I need to add each NPC as an individual or is there a way to reuse existing archetypes?
          2) Does anyone have the encounter tutorial mirrored anywhere? I can't find anything online - the wiki is down and no one seems to have made an encounter setup video. If not, what are the basic steps to take to set up a new encounter?


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            I know only answer to your second question.

            Right click in the scene - > gameplay - > encounter - > green area appears. This is encounter area.
            You need to specify, what it will spawn. In asset browser, go to game -> gameplay - > monsters and select desired entity template.
            Go to encounter area properties and add it to monster entries using green arrow.
            You can also set some number properties, like how many will it spawn and frequency, but I dont really understand, which attribute means what.
            Now if you enter area, monster will be spawned and if you leave it, it will despawn.

            If you want effect, to see monster from distance, not only when you enter encounter area, you can use encounter activator.
            Right click in the scene - > gameplay - > encounter activator - > green area appears.
            Put tag of your encounter area in its properties and if you enter it, monsters in encounter area will be spawned.


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              Nice work Nemomallo, I like what you've done there i am sure that it will help. I don't know when i will start modding, tried to start a map but encountered to many glass barriers that discouraged me.


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                Hey community,

                I have a rather special question, I have some windows I want to make transparent, so I tried several materials/shaders. I chose to use the windowglas_translucent or the alphablend shader. Both have some problems the windowglass_translucent shader looks more like glass but removes almost all colour (when the camera is near to the mesh). The alphablend shader works but looks not like glass, but that is not my main problem with this shader/material. The problem is that you can see a transparent mesh when you look on stuff, but not when you look through it at the skybox. It is too weak! So does anyone have a solution for either the colour problem in the windowglass_translucent or the non visible problem in the alphablend material? Has someone an idea?


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                  Hey, its nice to hear from you,
                  Regarding your question,I went to redkit and experimented with meshes that already use windowglass_translucent shader. Here is what I got:
                  On this screen you can see the same mesh from two sides and from about the same distance from the camera. It is Witcher 2 model with diffiuseTextureModifier increased from 0.1 to 0.7. I did that to better show contrast between two sides. On one side the texture looks pretty much ok. but on the other one you can barely see the colour. To get rid of this problem, you should modify the model itself. You should copy the part of the mesh that uses this shader and then flip the normals so that you will have two surfaces one for each side of the mesh.


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                    I'm very glad the redkit is getting some love from the community and I'm looking forward to some great mods coming from here!
                    Since I'm new to the redkit myself and I just started tinkering with it, I have a question: I wanted to change the mesh of Triss so she will use blue eyes in game. Since the engine is similar to that of Witcher 3, I guessed that the relevant material is defined in a xml file, packed with the corresponding mesh in a w2mesh file. Using the asset browser, I found the w2mesh files of her face in the "charactes\main_npc" folder. The asset browser lets you edit the material directly, so I changed the diffusemap of the eye to the same one Ves uses. I did that for all the meshes with her face, including mimics and the tortured version. But when I put the edited w2mesh files in the CookedPC, there are no changes to Triss in game. What am I missing, or am I doing it wrong completely?


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                      Hello again,
                      sorry for me bragging some months ago about releasing an update of the mesh package...... I was lazy and had other stuff to do. I also wanted to release the Novigrad meshes ready for playing, templates of houses with collision and so on. But I had no fun trying to achieve this. So I skipped most of it and did some smaller meshes and worked on
                      this project, which is very nice! I must say that I did not nothing so I decided to share to amount of work I've done with you. Does somebody like elven ruins? Maybe want to catch a glimpse of this.If somebody wants to do the collision meshes for the meshes but needs the unimported meshes in .obj format feel free to contact me via pm.

                      Best wishes and powodzenia

                      Last edited by Nemomallo; 29-04-17, 23:59.


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                        Hey, if anyone is reading this...

                        I have question regarding witcher 2 material/shaders. I would like to create one material, which allows to collourize just certain parts of a mesh. I thought about using a mask texture which defines this area. It should be also possible to collourize the non defined parts. Also it should be based on the detailmat material/shader. I could also need a material/shader, which allows applying two textures on one mesh. The area should again be definned by a mask texture. I wouldn't mind if those two materials are combinded into one.
                        The reason for this material/shader are the meshes of Blood and Wine, which are coulloured like that. I personally did not figure out how to achieve this. I would not mind if somebody shares a link to a site which explain similar shaders/materials in a 3d Programm like 3ds Max or Blender or Unreal Editor.
                        Thanks in advance